Launching a Fishing Kayak

The first step in any kayak fishing trip (after setup and rigging) is the launch. I realize that launching a kayak seems like something that is straight forward. That said, there are a few adjustments that you can make to launch your fishing kayak much more efficiently, safely and avoid damage to your kayak.

Here is the basic overview and then I encourage you to watch the video where I demonstrate how to launch and recover your fishing kayak.

Launch and Recover your kayak parallel to the shoreline and avoid having the kayak solely on the keel.

Place your body weight on the shore side of the kayak first and stabilize your entry into the kayak and brace with your paddle for additional stability and control when entering and exiting your kayak.

Avoid damage to the keel of your kayak by landing (or recovering) your kayak parallel to the kayak and avoid direct impact with the ramp or shoreline with the leading edge of your kayak keel.

I hope y’all found this tip helpful and will make launching and recovering your fishing kayak easier and more efficient and avoid damage to your kayak.

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