Kayak Bass Fishing Identifier Form

Use these forms in all bass photos you submit for scoring in KBF-sanctioned Competition

2018 KBF Identifier Card

  • 2018 KBF Identifier Card is used in all of this year’s KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and KBF Challenges. (Unique Identifier Cards will be distributed at Captains Meetings for Championships and KBF OPEN Series Tournaments.
  • 2017 Identifier Cards are still acceptable, but if you have access to the 2018 cards, please throw away older versions and use the new one.
  • When printed at 100% scale, the form is 3.75″ x 2-1/2″. It fits neatly in the new TourneyTag2 or in a clear, waterproof, pressure-seal 4″ x 3″ Poly ID Sleeve, sold for a dollar a dozen on the KBF online store. You’ll need to trim it down a bit or print it at 90% scale to make it fit in the original TourneyTag.
  • Each KBF Identifier Card has six lettered event boxes and a space for the Competitor’s name. It can can be used for multiple concurrent KBF Challenges and tournaments, with one Event ID Code in each box.
  • The top-left box (A) is used for KBF OPEN Series Tournaments and for special events like the Strike King of the Hill year-long Members-only Big Bass Challenge.
  • Boxes B and C are labeled “TRAIL.” 3-character TRAIL ID Codes, starting with a “T,” go there. The bottom row boxes are labeled “Challenge.” A 3-character Event ID Codes starting with “N” for National Challenge or “S” for State Challenges goes in each of those boxes.
  • At a time set by the Tournament Director, a KBF Identifier Card with Event ID Code will appear in each registered competitor’s TourneyX dashboard.
  • If you’re using a browser to access your TourneyX dashboard and a printer is available, simply open, print, and trim out the Identifier Card. However, if you will be on the road in the hours leading up to the event, it’s wise to print off several blank KBF Identifier Cards ahead of time and pack them and a Sharpie in with your gear. Then, when the identifier appears in the TourneyX dashboard, print the Event ID Code in the correct box before competition start time.
  • TourneyX sometimes generates a 4-character Unique Angler ID (UAID) for events. Unless specifically directed in the KBF Event Rules Addendum, just ignore it; KBF does not use the UAID at this time.

Discard pre-2018 identifier forms that you may have squirreled away in your tackle bag. Approved 2018 KBF Identifier Cards are distributed at KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments holding on-site Captains Meetings. It’s wise to print some copies now, cut out the cards, and keep a supply in your glove box and the pocket of your PFD.

2018 KBF Identifier Card 8-up PDF

Click the image at left to open a PDF document with eight 2018 KBF Identifier Cards intended for the KBF Challenge Series and for KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments.

KBF Identifier Card; don’t leave home without it!

Code Confusion? You’re not alone!

What about that 4-character code I see in my dashboard? TourneyX generates a four-character Unique Angler ID Code (UAID) with each registration. That’s the code that appears under the event name, near the top of Screen 3 in the illustration. DO NOT USE THE UAID CODE in KBF Competition.

That code is used by some organizations to identify photos by anglers who may enter a competition after it starts. Since the UAID is generated at time of registration, there’s no way an angler may take a photo with that code on his identifier prior to signing up. However, KBF is not allowing entry to competitions (with certain rare exceptions) after start-of-competition time. To keep from cluttering up the Identifier, making judges take longer to find the required Event ID Code, please leave it off.

Does it hurt to write that UAID on the Identifier? No, not really. If you forget and write it on your identifier, no penalties will be assessed; but it may take up a space that’s been designated for another Event ID Code.

Instead, KBF competitors are required to use an Event ID Code. In KBF Challenges and TRAIL, it’s the 3-character code that appears on the KBF Identifier Form in your TourneyX dashboard.

Where do I find the Event ID Code for each tournament or Challenge? To find the Event ID Code, log into TourneyX and in your dashboard, (1.) click the “Identifier” button. (2.) Click the event name on the next window. (3.) Find the 3-digit code printed on the KBF Identifier Form. (In this example, that code is “SJA.”)

Do I need a new KBF Identifier Form for each event? No, there are six boxes. You can put one Event ID Code in each box, so one form can serve for up to six (6) concurrent KBF competitions.

What happens if I submitted fish with the UAID but not the Event ID Code? There have been times when new KBF Members, fishing their first event, submitted photos where the UAID was present in lieu of the Event ID Code. In those cases, we counseled them on using the proper Event ID code, made an exception and accepted their fish, and advised them to not use the UAID Code again or their photos would be denied.

Our advice to all competitors is this: the UAID is unnecessary. It offers no benefits to our competitors and just takes up space. KBF requires only the 2- or 3-character Event ID Code. Judges have been instructed to deny photos that are submitted without the proper Event ID Code visible on a printed, paper KBF Identifier Form.

If I lose my KBF Identifier Form, can I improvise? No, you can’t draw your own on a piece of paper. And no, a digital phone with the KBF Identifier Form on the screen won’t wash, either. Don’t put yourself in that position in the first place. Print several copies of the KBF Identifier Form on paper. Cut them out. Tuck spares in your tackle box, in your dry bag, in your PFD and truck glove box. Print the Event ID Code on one, making sure to put it in the prescribed box. Seal it in a TourneyTag or a zip-closure poly bag, laminate it, or cover it with clear packing tape so it won’t get soggy in rain or if dunked.

What if I’m in two events that specify the Event ID Code goes in the same box? Just put one Event ID Code in the correct box and put the other code in an adjacent box, to the left or right.

TourneyX Unique Angler ID UAID Code
Which code do I use?
Finding the Event ID Code

Identifier Q&A

Q: Where do I write the Strike King of the Hill Event ID?

A: Box A, in the top-left corner (or, if it’s occupied, any other empty box)

Q: Where does the State Challenge Event ID Code go?

A: Any box on the bottom row. Try Box D (bottom-left) but if it’s occupied, any other empty box on that row will do.

Q: Where do I write a code for a One Night Stand or another KBF National Challenge?

A: Any box on the bottom row. They’re all marked “Challenge.” Try Box E (bottom-center) but if it’s occupied, any other empty box on that row will do.

Q: Where do I write a code for a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament?

A: Box B or C on the top row. They’re marked “TRAIL.”  If the only KBF Identifier Form you have has all those already filled in, use one of the bottom row boxes, but please cross out any expired codes to help the judges find the correct code.

Q: Then where does a KBF OPEN Series Tournament Event ID go? I don’t see any box marked “OPEN.”

A: Box A works…or any other top-row box. Don’t worry…as long as the ID is clearly legible and in one of the six boxes, it’ll be accepted.