2023 KBF Identifier Card

Official KBF Identifer Card must appear in every photo submitted for score in KBF-sanctioned Competition

2023 KBF Identifier Card

  • 2023 KBF Identifier Card is used in all of this year’s KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments, and KBF State and Regional Challenges. Unique Identifier Cards are distributed at Captains Meetings for Championships.
  • 2021 and 2022 version KBF Identifier Cards are still authorized for use, but we request that competitors discard older versions (2017, 2018, 2019) and use the new one to help us promote our sponsors.
  • When printed at 100% scale, the form is 3.75″ x 2-1/2″. It fits neatly in the new TourneyTag2 or in a clear, waterproof, pressure-seal 4″ x 3″ Poly ID Sleeve.
  • Each 2023 KBF Identifier Card has five event boxes so it can can be used for multiple concurrent KBF Challenges and tournaments, with one Event ID Code in each box.
  • At a time set by Tournament officials, an Event ID Code will appear in each registered competitor’s tournament management systems dashboard.

Discard pre-2021 identifier forms that you may have tucked away in your tackle bag.

Click to open printable PDF

Click the image at left to open a PDF document with eight 2023 KBF Identifier Cards intended for the KBF Challenge Series and for KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments.

The KBF Identifier Card; don’t leave home without it!

ID Card Code Clarification

Where do I find the Event ID Code for each tournament or Challenge? To find the Event ID Code, log into the tournament management system and in your dashboard, click the “Identifier” button. For Fishing Chaos, this will be at the top of the Event page after the prescribed time and with a contrasting color stating that “Your Identifier Code is Ready” followed by the code.

Do I need a new KBF Identifier Card for each event? It’s best to only use the same ID CARD for concurrent events that are still active, however, there are five boxes on the 2021/2022/2023 KBF Identifier Card. You can put one Event ID Code in any box, so this year’s card can serve for up to five (5) KBF competitions and/or challenges.

If I lose my KBF Identifier Card, can I improvise? No, you can’t draw your own on a piece of paper. Please avoid putting yourself in that position in the first place. Print several copies of the KBF Identifier Form on paper. Cut them out. Tuck spares in your tackle box, in your dry bag, in your PFD and truck glove box. Print the Event ID Code on one, making sure to put it in the prescribed box. Seal it in a TourneyTag, license holder or a zip-closure poly bag, laminate it, or cover it with clear packing tape so it won’t get soggy in rain or if dunked. Make sure that the KBF Identifier is not obscured by the bag or holder to avoid potential denial of entries.