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2020 KBF

Cost: $25
Expires: December 31, 2020

  • $25 FishUSA Store Credit (one order)
  • 10% FishUSA Discount
  • 20% KBF Store Discount
  • Eligible to fish 2019 & 2020 KBF Challenges
  • Eligible to qualify for 2020 Challenge Championship
  • Eligible to qualify for KBF National Championship
  • Access to KBF Member-only Content
  • Access to KBF Member-only Sponsor Discounts

2020 KBF

Annual Dues: $50
Expires: December 31, 2020

  • All benefits of KBF Ambassador Membership, plus…
  • Eligible to compete in TRAIL Series, TENvitational & Championships

KBF Lifetime Membership

KBF Lifetime

Perpetual Dues: $650
Expires: Never
Benefits: Pay once, and help establish and build the Kayak Bass Fishing community.

  • All benefits of KBF Competitor Membership
  • Avoid annual hassle of renewing membership
  • Actively engages with KBF in support of its mission
  • LIfetime perks, including lifetime lounge, special apparel & decals

KBF Community

Chad Hoover, KBF Open 2014 CoordinatorKayak Bass Fishing is the fastest growing segment of the US sportfishing market. For many reasons—increasing fuel costs, private and government water access restrictions, growing appreciation for an active outdoor lifestyle, minimal environmental impacts, not to mention just plain-out fun—America is embracing kayak bass fishing, and it will be part of our outdoor culture for generations to come.

Chad Hoover, founder of Kayak Bass Fishing, invites you to join him in making this pursuit available to people in all walks of life by becoming a KBF Member.

Annual membership fees pay for KBF’s support of grassroots kayak fishing organizations, program administrative costs, and promotion of youth, conservation, member rewards and premiums, and promotion of kayak fishing. KBF Competitor Membership is a prerequisite for competition in all KBF TRAIL Series and Championship tournaments. KBF Membership is also a prerequisite for participation in KBF BONUS BUCKS.