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Keeping KBF Competition professional, accurate, objective and fair

KBF Tournament Judge Job Description

KBF Judges are independent contractors who enforce and explain rules and penalties while officiating in kayak bass fishing competitive events.


Oversee Competitive Events—Judges refer to photographs and the data accompanying them to make sure that Competitors comply with KBF Competition Rules, including both the foundational KBF Competition Rules Standard and the Event Rules Addendum for each Event they are officiating.

Follow Standard Operating Procedures—A Judge logs into the Tournament Management System (“TMS”) account utilized by KBF, navigates to the assigned event, and evaluates each digital photo within the timeframe specified for the event to determine if it conforms to KBF Competition Rules. The judge verifies or corrects the photo’s score (length), accepts or denies each photograph according to scoring criteria. Judges communicate with Competitors whose photos are denied or penalized, citing the infraction and the relevant rule, so the Competitor understands why such action was taken. With other Judges, he/she will ask for or provide second opinions on photographs and will escalate issues as needed to the KBF Staff supervising the event, who will review judgments to determine if a photograph or situation has been correctly assessed.

Track Time and Work Flow—Kayak bass fishing competitions take place over a determined amount of time. A Judge will be responsible for tracking submissions and alert the KBF Staff supervising the event if additional Judges are needed to maintain the following submission approval timeframe:

      • Trail Series, Pro Tour, Special Events and Championships – one hour from submission
      • State and Redfish Monthly Challenges – 48 hours from submission and 24 hours from the end of competition time
      • Regional Challenges – twice a day (midday and evening) with final submissions judged by noon PDT the day after the competition end time
      • One Night Stands – at a minimum: early evening, before bed and upon rising the following day with final submissions judged by noon PDT.

Assist with Manual Photo Uploads—Competitors in venues with weak or non-existent data signal or no Wi-Fi, with inadequate or malfunctioning devices, or who experience application problems may require assistance in manually uploading photographs. A “Photo Upload Deadline,” manual submission process, and person responsible to assist are identified for each event. When photos transferred to KBF by the deadline, or the Judge has been alerted of the need prior to the deadline, the manual submission process starts. The Judge may be assigned responsibility for downloading these photos to his/her hard drive or a server and then using the TMS’s Manual Upload function to submit the photos and scores for the Competitor.

Job Requirements

  • Demonstrates good character, reliability, honesty and integrity.
  • Expert knowledge of KBF Competition Rules and scoring criteria in order to identify KBF Competition Rules infractions and correctly assess penalties
  • Has access to a laptop, desktop computer or IPad work station with few distractions and an Internet connection (cell phones cannot be used for judging)
  • Can dedicate blocks of time especially on weekends to judge assigned events
  • Proficient in written communication with decision-making skills
  • Remain alert and attentive to details, performing repetitive tasks efficiently and quickly over a protracted period of time in a sometimes stressful, fast-paced work environment
  • Can identify infractions, assess and explain penalties, answer questions, resolve disputes
  • Displays above-average customer service skills
  • Team-oriented; cooperates with KBF Staff, Tournament Directors, Tournament Cordinators and other judges; coachable, benefits from positive criticism; willing to constantly increase knowledge and hone judging skills
  • Can successfully complete the KBF Judge Certification program
  • Promotes the kayak fishing community and supports KBF competition by promoting and providing objectivity, professionalism, and a spirit of fair play.


KBF relies on the integrity and good character of each competitor, and even more so of its judges. Recognizing the potential of misuse and abuse of Judges’ access to confidential information, such as specific locations where fish were caught, KBF has implemented the following policy in order to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Policy: KBF Judges selected to serve in the 2020 Season and beyond must agree to (a.) not divulge confidential information to any competitors and (b.) not compete on waters where KBF events they officiated were held or for which they have access to confidential Tournament Management System information.


Reports to Amanda Brannon, Director of Judging and Standards


As independent contractors, Judges are not KBF employees but work independently, control their own work schedules, and provide their own work stations and tools. Compensation is “piece-work,” based on the number of photos correctly scored during each month and/or on a flat rate for Trail and Special Events and for performing event verifications.

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