The KBF AmBASSador Series organizations are the clubs and trails that grow kayak fishing at the grassroots level in the United States, Mexico and Canada. KBF and AmBASSador Series partners grow simultaneously through co-hosted events, shared financial and logistical support and jointly developed resources and rules standards. It’s a collaboration that has pioneered the sport of competitive kayak fishing for over one decade, and continues to grow.

KBF has added a new tournament event to its annual roster of championship tournaments: the AmBASSador Series Championship. It’s one way of saying thank you to AmBASSador clubs for their hard work.

The tournament date is March 18th, 2023 and the location will be Lakes Wheeler and Guntersville. Here are some more facts about the event:

  • The championship will be a 1 day event.
  • Both Teams and Individual anglers that represent AmBASSador Series partners can compete
  • The entry fee and payout structure will be identical to a KBF TRAIL Series event ($125)
  • The top prize will be $20,000 for the TOP TEAM
  • An additional prize of $5,000 will go to the Individual event champion
  • Payouts will be based on the KBF TRAIL Series payout chart with the TOP 3 Teams receiving payouts and the top 10% of the field being paid out as individuals. Entry fees will be applied to these payouts with 75% going towards the TEAM portion and 25% applying to the individual payout with KBF supplementing the guaranteed payouts up to $20,000 for top team and $5,000 for top individual.
  • The AmBASSador series champion will qualify for Dee Zee KBF THE TEN

In addition to the championship, a charity event will also be held. Chad Hoover described it in a recent live video: “We are tying another event to it that is part of what we are doing with Catch-22 and FishOps. There will be a really cool charity component to the AmBASSador Series Championship.”

Clubs should contact Terry Russell ( for questions and additional info.

Additional resources:

Click here for full details and to register on Fishing Chaos

For lodging and travel info, visit the Huntsville Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Click here to purchase an Alabama Fishing License


First Published August 12, 2022. Updated January 4, 2023 and again on February 19, 2023.

Note: A previous version of this article listed the event date as Veteran’s Day, 2022. The date was moved to accommodate KBF’s move to its new Alabama HQ.

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