You have probably heard the old adage “You gotta be in it to win it!”. Well, if you have heard that one, you have probably also heard this one too, “What’s in for me?” 

At KBF, we understand both of those and that is why we have overhauled the KBF BONUS BUCKS Program for 2018 to provide additional incentives for the more serious anglers by bolstering the payout opportunities at our major events, spreading out the entry fee based payouts more proportionately throughout field and hopefully achieving a much more equitable balance between the desire for larger payouts and more favorable distributions.

The 2018 KBF BONUS PROGRAM is now available in the KBF STORE and there will be opportunities throughout the year at all KBF TRAIL Events, KBF OPENs and throughout the Challenge Series Season.

We are excited about the changes to KBF BONUS BUCKS and thankful for our Manufacturer Partner’s for this contingency program. For a full list of details about the program and the participating manufacturer’s and partners check out the KBF BONUS BUCKS PROGRAM overview and eligibility requirements.


Good luck in 2018 and we hope to see you out there. JOIN KBF BONUS BUCKS.

Thank you,

Chad Hoover

KBF President and Founder