Meet-up tournaments have been severly impacted by federal and state prohibitions on travel and assemblies, but KBF Challenges are going forward  with minor mid-course adjustments.

kayak bass fishing is inherently self-isolating. Since anglers competing in Challenges do so at their best times, on convenient public-access  waters, and usually alone or with one fishing buddy, most of our members can still compete and do so  safely.

What’s new?

  1. Access restrictions—First, since some lakes and reservoirs that are usually public-acces have been closed  to the public, each one should take stock of fishing opportunities and access and decide before registration whether of not participation is even feasible. If not, don’t register. Once a Challenge has started,
  2. State merger curtailment—If a state (or multi-state merger) fails to meet the mininum 5 registrants, that state’s Challenge will be cancelled. Registrants will be offered an opportunity to transfer registrations to neighboring states or receive full refunds. (See Chad’s comment, below.)
  3. Challenge Series Championship—This event is now planned for Wed/Thur, October 7-8 at Lake Guntersville, Alabama (concurrent with the Realtree FIshing KBF TRAIL Series Championship prsented by Dee Zee and the YakAttack 2020 KBF National Championship.
  4. Challenge Championship Qualification—The winner of each KBF Challenge qualifies to compete in the 2020 KBF Challenge Series Championship. In addition, any KBF Member who earns 2,000 or more Challenge Points in four KBF State and/or Regional Challenges makes the cut. (That’s a change from 1,750 in three events.) Add the Challenge Points you earn at your top four KBF Challenge finishes. When they add up to 2,000 or more points, you’ve made the cut, and you’re eligible to win a share of the KBF Challenge Cut-line Award Fund. Finish in 21st place, on average, over four Challenges, and you’ve earned 2,000 Challenge Points.
  5. KBF Challenge Cut-line Award—From the $25 dues for each 2020 KBF Ambassador membership, KBF will set aside $5 to build a KBF Challenge Cut-line Award Fund. These  funds will be awarded at the KBF Challenge Series Championship awards night, at Lake Guntersville on Thursday, October 8. To share in this fund, competee in the KBF Challenge Series Championship at Lake Guntersville this October. After the second day of competition, event officials will pull the list of of all who made the cut and rank-order them by their Championship score. The Cut-line Award Fund will be split evenly among the top 20.
  6. Award amounts—How much each of the top 20 receives depends on how many 2020 KBF Ambassador Members we have as of October 5. If there are a thousand 2020 KBF Ambassador Members by then, figuring five dollars for each of those memberships—that’s a prize fund of $5,000. Split that evenly among the top 20 who made the cut, and each one walks away with $250. If we have two thousand Ambassador Members, the award doubles to $500. With 4,000 members, it climbs to $1,000 each.
  7. Why a Cut-line Award? First, KBF is focusing on the Ambassador membership because that’s the level required to compete in KBF Challenges. We’re turning back some of those dues to say thanks for choosing to be part of KBF; we’re rewarding loyalty. Second, we’re hoping to increase KBF Challenge participation so that more KBF Members earn more in prize money in each Challenge.
  8. More KBFNC Qualifications—Your odds of qualifying for the 2021 KBF National Champinoship through KBF Challenges just improved! We started out this season (October 2019) by awarding 2021 KBF National Championship and 2020 KBF Challenge Series Championship qualifications to just the top 10%. We’re increasing that to the top 25%. In a KBF Challenge with 5 registrants, just the competitor who finishes in first place will qualify for both Championships. At 6 registrants, the number goes to two, and then to three at 10, four at 14, five at 18… The number of qualifications awarded increases by one with every for additional registrants.

Message from Chad Hoover regarding our stance on cancelling Challenges that fail to meet the 5-person threshold:

KBF, while we understand these are difficult times, we ask that you understand that difficulty is also shared by us and we must impose certain limitations and restrictions to accommodate our ability to maintain opportunities. State mergers after start-of-competition are time consuming, more complex then they appear to be on the surface and require resources that may not be practical during this unforeseen situation.

KBF will merge states like Montana and Wyoming where KBF membership levels are too low to support a State Challenge. But for states that have more than enough KBF members to fill a five-person Challenge field, failure to participate at a minimal 5-person per state level will result in closure of the Challenge for the month. This is a difficult time for all and we appreciate your understanding and continued support.