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Shad survive by losing themselves in a crowd. They ball up for protection. To a bass streaking toward the churning mass, no one individual stands out; the tightly packed school manifests as a single amorphous blob. After the bass slashes through the school and spins around to pick off disoriented and wounded shad, then it can finally distinguish any single fish. A shad that stands out from the school is dead meat.

Trying to find a single piece of information among a confusing array of KBF online resources is pretty much the same. The Kayak Bass Fishing community spans the Internet, from Facebook to Google+, bulletin boards and forums to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, online store, and KBF Website. KBF, alone, manages dozens of Facebook pages. Beyond that are the pages and websites of scores of KBF-affiliated clubs, tours, events, and tournament series, not to mention thousands of KBF member and friends pages, where avid kayak anglers can go for information and camaraderie. Returning to find a post you recall reading the other day often feels like trying to pick out a single shad from the school.

Let us help you. The list of useful web addresses is presented below to help you pick out the individual sites to which you’re trying to return. We hope it will speed up your hunt for the posts, people and places you seek.




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