2016 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

March 19-20, 2016 • Kentucky Lake • Paris, Tennessee

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The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship, powered by Torqeedo, is the top freshwater kayak fishing tournament of its kind, with the largest payout, most added money and top competition from around the Kayak Bass Fishing Nation.
Torqeedo is providing $20,000 for first place for the 2016 KBF National Championship. That’s in addition to Manufacturer’s Money, other incentives and entry fees. That’s $20,000 cold hard cash—guaranteed—regardless of entries and regardless of whether or not you use a Torqeedo!
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2016 KBF National Championship Competition Rules Addendum

This is an addendum to the KBF Competition Rules Standards. The rules that follow are specific to the 2016 KBF National Championship.

    1. KBF National ChampionshipVenue Host: Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce
    2. Tournament HQ: Henry County Fairground, 565 Royal Oak Drive, Paris, Tennessee
    3. Tournament Director: Chad Hoover
    4. Eligibility: This event is limited to anglers who qualified through KBF and KBF-sanctioned tournaments, tournament trails, clubs, and events. Because KBF Membership was not announced as a requirement during the qualifying season, the 2016 National Championship will include both KBF Members and non-members.
    5. Register:  Sign up at TourneyX
    6. Competition Rules: KBF Rules are in two parts:
      1. By registering, each competitor acknowledges he has read and agrees to abide by (a.) the KBF Competition Rules Standards (including the Release and Indemnification Agreement and Copyright and Use of Images Agreement) and to (b.) the specific rules outlined in the KBF Competition Rules Addendum on this page; and
      2. The competitor further agrees to abide by the KBF Event Participation Terms and Conditions.
    7. Event Schedule
      1. Competition start times were established as approximately one hour before sunrise.
      2. Friday 3/18 4:00 p.m.: Prefishing on Eligible Water ends.
      3. Friday 3/18 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: Check-in and Late Registrations at Tournament HQ
      4. Friday 3/18 6:30 p.m., approximately: Immediately following KBF OPEN Awards Ceremony, mandatory Captains Meeting at Tournament HQ
      5. Saturday 3/19 6:00 a.m:. Competition Start Time. Anglers may be on Eligible water earlier, but no lines in water until 6 a.m.
      6. Saturday 3/19 3:00 p.m.: Deadline to be in line at Tournament HQ for on-site upload of digital photos via memory card or cable.
      7. Saturday 3/19 4:00 p.m.: All anglers must be in or through the judges line at Tournament HQ for photo confirmation.
      8. Saturday 3/19 5:00 p.m.: Mandatory Captains Meeting
      9. Sunday 3/20 6:00 a.m.: Competition Start Time
      10. Sunday 3/20 3:00 p.m.: Deadline to be in line at Tournament HQ for on-site upload of digital photos via memory card or cable.
      11. Sunday 3/20 4:00 p.m.: all anglers must be in or through the judges line at tournament HQ for photo confirmation and distribution of meal tickets.
      12. Sunday 3/20 4:30 p.m.: (or as soon as possible thereafter) Begin Awards Ceremony at Tournament HQ
    8. Spring 2016 Kayak Bass Fishing KBF OPEN Fishing Tournament Eligible Waters

      (Click for larger image.)

      Format: This two-day CPR tournament will be determined by the longest 5-bass total length. Each competitor’s two (2) longest bass on Day 1 and three (3) longest bass on Day 2 will contribute to the cumulative score.

    9. Eligible Water & Location: For the 2016 KBF National Championship, eligible waters are Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, bounded by the two dams in the north, I-40 in the south, and the Red River confluence with the Cumberland River in the east, plus any backwaters, bays, creeks and sloughs contiguous to those lakes at present pool level. If you can paddle to it from KY Lake or Barkley, it’s in-bounds.
    10. Entry Fee and Procedures
      1. This event is conducted as an online KBF Tournament powered by TourneyX.
      2. Sign up and pay the Entry Fee at TourneyX.
      3. Entry Fee is $200.
      4. Check-in and Captains Meetings will be at Tournament HQ. Competitors may register and pay Entry Fees (plus applicable late fees for non-members) at Check-in if they have not already done so earlier.
      5. Entry Fee Transfers—Up until March 15, 2016, Entry Fees may be transferred to another Competitor’s account. There is no service charge for transfers.
      6. Entry Fee Refunds—Refund requests must be received by Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC by email or in writing by Friday, March 11. All refunds will be assessed a 10% service charge.
        Entry Fees are being paid by KBF for anglers who, during 2015, qualified twice—at least one of which was a KBF Online Challenge on TourneyX. On the 2016 National Championship Roster below, anglers whose entry fees will be paid by KBF are marked with an asterisk (*). If you qualified twice during 2015, where at least one of those qualifiers was a KBF Online Challenge, and you don’t see an asterisk by your name, please email Joe Haubenreich at KBF.
    11. Manual Submission of Digital Photos: The preferred channel for submitting digital photos is upload from the angler’s smart phone directly to to TourneyX. If an Competitor cannot or will not upload photos to Tourney X, Tournament Staff will do so at Tournament HQ. Anglers who need to have their digital photos upload to TourneyX by Tournament Staff must be in line at Tournament HQ by 3 p.m. on Competition Days and be prepared to surrender their camera’s memory card or cell phone and cable. No Competitor who arrives in line after 3:00 p.m. will be allowed to turn in their memory card or cable to Tournament Staff for on-site uploads.
    12. 2016 Projected Payout SchedulePrizes
      1. The number of places and payout amounts will vary with the number of registered competitors. Assuming 200 paid entry fees, at right are the projected payout amounts:
      2. In addition the 20 top anglers not previously qualified will qualify for slots at the 2017 KBF National Championships:
      3. In addition to prizes, BONUS BUCKS will be awarded to Program participants who finish high in the ranks and, in some cases, own and use KBF Sponsors’ products.
    13. Awarding of Prizes
      1. Competitors must be present to receive awards.
      2. Cash prizes and BONUS BUCKS bonuses will be distributed at the Sunday evening National Championship Awards Ceremony at Tournament HQ.
      3. Tournament results will be visible on TourneyX and subsequently will be posted on this Website and on Facebook.
        A Kentucky and Tennessee reciprocal fishing license agreement permits anglers with a valid fishing license from either state to fish certain areas of the state, as defined below. In all of Lake Barkley and on Kentucky Lake outside of the applicable area, competitors must carry a valid fishing license issued by the state(s) in whose waters they fish.

From the Kentucky Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Page 15

On Kentucky Lake, anglers with either a valid Kentucky or Tennessee sport fishing license may fish from Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (U.S. 68 and Hwy. 80) in Kentucky south to the Governor Ned McWhorter Bridge (U.S. 79 and Hwy. 76) in Tennessee. This includes all embayments and tributaries, except the Blood River embayment in Kentucky. Anglers must abide by the fishing regulations of the state in which they are fishing.

From the 2016 Tennessee Fishing Guide, Page 43

Each state will recognize the sport fishing licenses for the other state on the portion of Kentucky Lake south of the Eggners Ferry Bridge (US 68 & Hwy. 80) in Kentucky and north of the Governor Ned McWherter Bridge (US 79 & Hwy. 76) in Tennessee. This includes all embayments and tributaries within this portion of Kentucky Lake except the Blood River embayment. Blood River embayment shall be defined as a straight line between opposite points where the embayment connects to the main body of Kentucky Lake. A sport fishing license holder from either state may fish from the bank or attach legal sport fishing trot or limb lines in this described portion of Kentucky Lake.
     Sport fishing license holders shall abide by the regulations of the state in whose waters they are fishing. Wildlife enforcement officials in either state shall have the right to inspect the licenses, permits, catches and equipment of any person on this portion of Kentucky Lake subject to the laws of either state.

Information KBF Competition Rules Standards 2016 KBF National Championship Facebook Event Page Register at TourneyX for the 2016 KBF National Championship  Enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS Become a Kayak Bass Fishing Member

National Championship Qualified Anglers Roster

  1. A round of KBF Regional Challenges may be held in February 2016, through which anglers may qualify not only for the 2017 National Championship but the 2016 National Championship as well.
  2. Anglers who finish in the top 20 at the 2016 KBF OPEN – Kentucky Lake will qualify for the 2017 KBF National Championship. In addition the top 100 anglers who have not already qualified for the 2016 KBF National Championship will do so. If a number of the top 100 anglers have previously qualified, then qualifying slots will roll down until 100 slots for the next day’s National Championship will be awarded.

The following anglers qualified during 2015 for 2016 KBF National Championship slots through KBF Challenges and Tournaments and through KBF-sanctioned clubs, tours, events, and trails. This list was last updated January 10, 2016.

  1. Aaron Crook (GTS)†
  2. Adam Filmore (K&G)
  3. Adam Hansen (CCKF)†
  4. Adam Street, B (KBF)
  5. AJ McWhorter, MB (BGYM, CCKF)
  6. Al Hicks (KBS)
  7. Alan Wiedmeyer*, MB (KBF, KBL)
  8. Alex Carricker (MYFS)
  9. Alex Miller (KBS)†
  10. Alex Roberts (BKFT)
  11. Allen Faith (BGYM)
  12. Andres Santiler, M (KBL)
  13. Andrew Jacobson (CCKF)†
  14. Andy Middleton, M (RKKFT)
  15. Andy Schafer (MSKA)
  16. Andy Thompson (KBF)
  17. Aron Kimbler (BKFT)
  18. Austin Gisclair, MB (KBF)
  19. Baron Meek (RTT, ARKFC)
  20. Barry Davis*, MB (KBF)
  21. Ben Smith (MSKA)
  22. Benny Williams (CCKF, RTT, ARKFC)
  23. Beth Rapp (MSKA)
  24. Betsy Outenreath (KBS)
  25. Bill Rodriguez*, MB (KBF)
  26. Billy Pulsifer, MB (NYKBF)
  27. Blace Hutchens* (MSKA, KBF)
  28. BlueDaksi (KBF)†
  29. Bob Brown (BGYM)
  30. Bob Lauber (KBF)
  31. Bobby LeBeuf (CCKF)†
  32. Bobby Thomas (BGYM)
  33. Bobby Tinker (CBY)
  34. Brad Butin (BKFT)
  35. Brad Case*, MB (KBF, KBS, KBF, SKT)
  36. Brad Lehman (BKFT)
  37. Brad Nelson (KBF)
  38. Brad Rhodes (MSKA)†
  39. Brad Richardson (MSKA)
  40. Brandon Adkins (MSKA)†
  41. Brandon Campbell (CCKF)†
  42. Brandon Fink (CCKF)†
  43. Brandon Sorg (BGYM)
  44. Brandon Stapleton (KBS)
  45. Brandon Utley (CCKF)
  46. Brent Alan Wilson (CCKF)†
  47. Brent Alois Taylor (CCKF)†
  48. Brent Wilson (OKA, KBS)
  49. Brian Aliff, MB (GTS)
  50. Brian Crystaloski (KBF, KBS)
  51. Brian Hillman (MYFS, CCKF)
  52. Brian Slone*, M (CCKF, BGYM)
  53. Brian Soefje (KBF)†
  54. Brian Wisner, MB (KBF)
  55. Brock Spencer (BKFT)
  56. Bronson Locklear (KBF, KBFTN)
  57. Bryan Jones (KBF)
  58. Bryan Tucker (CCKF)†
  59. Bud Vance (MSKA)
  60. Burt Briggs (CCKF)†
  61. Buster Swisher, MB (QCKBF)
  62. Caleb Workman (CCKF)†
  63. Calloway Rabb (KBF)
  64. Cameron Debity, M (BGYM)
  65. Cameron Gatlin (CBY, KBF)
  66. Caroline Hibbs (CCKF)†
  67. Casey Brunning (KBS)
  68. Casey Fugett (KBF)
  69. Casey Reed (KT, KBF)
  70. Charles Bieller (KBS)
  71. Charlie Bond (CCKF)†
  72. Charlie Hanson (MSKA)†
  73. Chris Alkire (MSKA)
  74. Chris Anglin, MB (KBF, CCKF)
  75. Chris Blake, MB (KBF, KBS)
  76. Chris Fowler (CCKF)†
  77. Chris Gravely (CKA)
  78. Chris Hannegan (BKFT)
  79. Chris Harms, MB (KBF)
  80. Chris LeMessieur (KBFGL, KBF)
  81. Chris Mangen (BKFT)
  82. Chris Molloy (CCKF)†
  83. Chris Padgett, MB (RKKFT)
  84. Chris Pierce, MB (KBF)
  85. Chris Schafer (MSKA)
  86. Chris Scott , MB (KBF)
  87. Chris Silwerski (KBL)
  88. Chris Watts (KBS)
  89. Christa Hibbs (CCKF)†
  90. Christian Martin (CCKF)†
  91. Christina Weber (KBS)
  92. Christopher Montgomery (CCKF)†
  93. Chuck Jones (IKA)
  94. CJ Espey (KBF)
  95. Clint Henderson, MB (RKKFT)
  96. Clint Teters (SMTNKA)
  97. Clinton Holstine* (CCKF)
  98. coachjoe (KBF)
  99. Cody Black (RKKFT, KBF)
  100. Cody Buerkle (CCKF)†
  101. Cody Lusk (OKA, CCKF)
  102. Collin Oliver (KBS)
  103. Cord Dyer (CBY)
  104. Corey Stansifer (CBY, KBF)
  105. Cory Dreyer, B (CKA, KBF)
  106. Coy Lehman (MSKA)
  107. Coy Lehman Sr (MSKA)
  108. Craig Dye (KBFTN, KBS)
  109. Craig Richardson (RTT, ARKFC)
  110. CTGalloway (KBF)†
  1. Curtis Adams (MYFS)
  2. Daniel Evans, MB (KBF, NYKB)
  3. Daniel Lowe (CCKF)†
  4. Daniel-Brandi Dye (SMTNKA, KBS)
  5. Danny Bowen (CCKF)
  6. Danny Schanne, M (MAKBF)
  7. Dave Fineran (CCKF)
  8. Dave Kooser (CCKF)†
  9. Dave Thompson (KBF)
  10. David Adlington (MAKBF)
  11. David Baden*, MB (KBF)
  12. David Cestia, M (KBF)
  13. David Fox, MB (KBF)
  14. David Richardson (KBF)
  15. Dennis Hammer (NEKKA)
  16. Derek Jamison (NEKKA, CCKF)
  17. Derek Taylor (CCKF)†
  18. Derrick Bailey (SMTNKA)
  19. Derrick Bostic (KBFTN)
  20. diamondback (KBF)
  21. Dick Natua (BKFT)
  22. Dlawson1130 (KBF)
  23. Donald Judy, M (NYKB)
  24. Dorman Hughey (MYFS, CCKF)
  25. Drew Gregory (KBS)†
  26. Drew Mixon*, MB (KBS, KBF)
  27. Drew Russell, MB (BGYM, CCKF)
  28. Drew Summers (KBS)
  29. Dustin Mues (CCKF)
  30. Dustin Stapleton (KBS)
  31. Dustin Theobald (KBS)†
  32. Dwayne Walley (KSKA)
  33. Eddie Adams (GTS)
  34. Eli Powers (RTT, ARKFC)
  35. Elliott Youngstrom (CCKF)†
  36. Eric Allee, M (KBF)
  37. Eric Hansen (MYFS)
  38. Eric Henson (KBS)
  39. Eric Porter (CCKF)†
  40. Eric Siddiqi*, MB (KBF)
  41. Ernie Williams (KBF)
  42. Everett Park* (KBS, KBF)
  43. Fletch Griffin, MB (RKKFT)
  44. Fred McClendon (KBS)
  45. Gary Kasper, MB (KBF)
  46. Gary Ward (KBS)
  47. Glenn Landstrom (BGYM)
  48. Glenn Miller, MB (KBL)
  49. Grant Carston, M (KBF)
  50. Hank Veggian (CKA)
  51. hooligan (KBF)
  52. Houa Xiong (KBF)
  53. Istvan Szavbo (NYKB)†
  54. Jacob Jesionek (KBS)
  55. Jacob Vance (MSKA)
  56. James Harding (MYFS)
  57. Jamie Denison (CKA)
  58. Jason Adams*, MB (CCKF)
  59. Jason Broach (KBF)
  60. Jason Broach*, MB (KBS)
  61. Jason Cossey (RTT, ARKFC)
  62. Jason Delfraisse (CCKF, KBS)
  63. Jason Duong* (CCKF, KBF)
  64. Jason Hopper (RKKFT)
  65. Jason Kincy, M (CCKF)
  66. Jason Klingman (RTT, ARKFC)
  67. Jason McRae (K&G, KBS)
  68. Jason O’Brien (CCKF)†
  69. Jason Underdown (CCKF)†
  70. Jason Yiznitsky (KBF)
  71. Jason Young (IKA)
  72. Jay Wallen*, MB (BGYM)
  73. Jed Plunkert, MB (MAKBF)
  74. Jeff Bell (CCKF)†
  75. Jeff Isham, MB (KBF)
  76. Jeff Little (TLJJ)
  77. Jeff Malott (RTT, CCKF)
  78. Jeff Reising (CCKF)†
  79. Jeff Ross (KBF)
  80. Jeff Sherwood, MB (KBF)
  81. Jeffrey Hall*, MB (KBFNC, KBF)
  82. Jeremiah Wafford (CCKF)†
  83. Jeremy Curtiss, B (KBF)
  84. Jeremy Meier (KBFTN)
  85. Jeremy Smith (MSKA)
  86. Jerrod Young (KBS, OKA)
  87. Jerry Ball (MSKA)†
  88. Jerry Burdine*, MB (KBF)
  89. Jim Clark, M (KBF)
  90. Jim Davis (KBS)
  91. Jim Dutt (MSKA)†
  92. Jim Flowers, MB (KBF)
  93. Jim Lor (CKA)
  94. Jim Ware, MB (RKKFT)
  95. Jimmy Dean Walters (BGYM)
  96. Joe Deisvaldi (MAKBF)
  97. Joe Floriolli (MSKA)
  98. Joe Gentry (IKA)
  99. Joe Herbert* (KBF)
  100. Joe Mouhanna , MB (KBF)
  101. Joe Readye, MB (WKBS)
  102. Joe Ross (OKA, CCKF)
  103. Joe Solari, MB (NYKB)
  104. Joey Blanco (WKBS)
  105. Joey Montgomery, MB (CCKF, KBF)
  106. Joey Summitt (BGYM)
  107. John Bradford*, MB (KBF, KBF)
  108. John Fasnacht (RKKFT)
  109. John Franchot (NYKB)†

220. John Gills (GTS)

  1. John Ladd, B (CKA, QCKBF)
  2. John McClenney, MB (SMTNKA)
  3. John Oakes (CCKF)†
  4. John Rapp, M (MSKA)
  5. John Stockman (CCKF)†
  6. John Wagner (KBS)†
  7. John Wegienka (CCKF)†
  8. Jon Drover (KBL)
  9. Jon Moorman (BKFT)
  10. Jonathan Aljets* (KBF)
  11. Jonathan Hutchison (KBS)
  12. Jonathan Lessmann, M (KBS)
  13. Jonathan Savini (KBF)
  14. Jose Cervantes* (WKBS)
  15. Joseph Harrick (KBS)
  16. Josey Stone (CCKF, NEKKA)
  17. Josh Bennett (KBS)
  18. Josh Birthisel (MSKA)
  19. Josh Crabtree (BGYM)
  20. Josh Duffel (KBF)
  21. Josh Evans*, MB (MAKBF, KBF)
  22. Josh Shelton (KBS)
  23. Josh Stewart* (KBF, KBFTN, CCKF)
  24. Joshua Bennett (KBL)
  25. Joshua Workman (CCKF)†
  26. JR Young (RKKFT)
  27. Justin Arnold (MYFS, CCKF)
  28. Justin Hanson (MSKA)
  29. Justin Long (IKA)
  30. Justin Phillips (CCKF)
  31. Justin Rongey (CBY, KBFTN)
  32. Justin Spradlin (KBS)
  33. Justin Templin (BGYM)
  34. Justin Wright (RTT, ARKFC)
  35. Justin_b1612 (KBF)
  36. Karl Hudson, MB (SKT)
  37. Kelly Chachere (KBS)
  38. Ken Davis (CCKF)†
  39. Ken Shippy* (CCKF, NEKKA KBF)
  40. Ken Wood*, MB (KBF)
  41. Kenneth Davis (CCKF)†
  42. Kenneth Shields (KBF)
  43. Kenny Birthisel (MSKA)
  44. Kevin Brandenburg (CCKF, RTT, ARKFC)
  45. Kevin Nguyen (KBF)
  46. Kevin Romano (KBS)
  47. Kevin Werner (CCKF)†
  48. Kevin Wilkinson (QCKBF, K&G)
  49. Kevin Workman* (MWKFS, CCKF)
  50. KickG (KBF)†
  51. Kimberly Flores, MB (KBF)
  52. Kurt Hommel (NYKB)
  53. Kyle Polk (IKA)
  54. Kyle Price (KBS)
  55. lake fisher 7 (KBF)
  56. Layne Ell (KBF)
  57. Lee Ward, MB (KBF)
  58. Lloyd Mize (CCKF)†
  59. Logan Ardry (KBFTN)
  60. Louis Conn (CCKF)†
  61. Louis Martinez (MAKBF)
  62. Luke Britz (K&G, QCKBF)†
  63. mainstream1 (KBF)
  64. Manny Duran* (KBF)
  65. Mark Ferguson (CCKF)
  66. Mark K Farmer (CCKF)†
  67. Marty Hughes (NKAT, CCKF)
  68. Marvin Forte (KBF)
  69. Mathew Hamlet (MSKA)†
  70. Matt Baden (MAKBF)
  71. Matt Ball, MB (MSKA)
  72. Matt Bogle (SMTNKA)
  73. Matt Campbell, MB (KBF, MAKBF)
  74. Matt Clifford (BGYM)
  75. Matt Eikenberg (MAKBF)
  76. Matt Guthrie (WKBS)†
  77. Matt Hawj (CKA)
  78. Matt Stehle (KBF)
  79. Matt Yuschak (MAKBF)
  80. Matthew Brannon (WKBS)
  81. Matthew Case, M (CCKF and KBFTN)
  82. Matthew Johnson* (KBF)
  83. Matthew Lehman (KBF)
  84. Matthew Pennwright (CCKF)†
  85. Matthew Schaefer, B (KBF)
  86. Matthew Scotch, MB (KBF, KBS)
  87. Mel Ashe, MB (CCKF, KBF, KBS)
  88. mfloski (KBF)
  89. Michael Allen (K&G)
  90. Michael Cates, MB (KBF)
  91. Michael Chaney (KBF)
  92. Michael Ernst (KBFTN)
  93. Michael Hennessy (NYKB)†
  94. Michael Kroeger, B (BGYM)
  95. Michael Lammers (CCKF)
  96. Michael Murphy (KBF)
  97. Michael Sandin (RTT, ARKFC)
  98. Micheal James Cates (CCKF)†
  99. Mickey Hang (CKA)
  100. Mike Niles (RKKFT)
  101. Mike Reinhold (EPAKA)
  102. Mike Spangler (GTS)
  103. Mitchell Salzman (CCKF)†
  104. MrGreen (KBF)
  105. Nathan Debord (CCKF)†
  106. Nathan Henthorn (OKA, CCKF)
  107. Neil Farley (BKFT)
  108. Nick Lester, MB (KBF)
  109. Nick McBride, B (BGYM)
  110. Nik Brown (CBY, KBS)
  1. Oscar Mendoza (WKBS)†
  2. Pao Yee Thao (KBF)
  3. Paul Ardoin, MB (KBF)
  4. Paul Bissonnette (CCKF)
  5. Paul Dovel, M (KBF)
  6. Paul Shipman (KBFNY)†
  7. PC Hawj (CKA)
  8. Peter Manthos (MAKBF)
  9. Phillip Isham (KBS)
  10. Quinton Echols, MB (KFO)
  11. R Dalton (K&G)†
  12. Raf Vargas (KBS)
  13. Randall Farley Jr (CCKF)†
  14. Randall Farley Sr (CCKF)†
  15. Randy Allen* (KBF)
  16. Rebecca Golden (KBS)
  17. Richard Hamblin (WKBS)†
  18. Richard Locklear (KBS)
  19. Richard McMichael (CCKF, NEKSKA)
  20. Richard Ofner (KBF)
  21. Richard Penny, MB (CKBF)
  22. Richard R Laughery (MYFS, CCKF)
  23. Richie McMichael (NEKKA)
  24. Rick Rowland (K&G, CKA)
  25. Ricky Smith, M (KBF)
  26. Riley True (KBL)
  27. Robbie Arand, M (NEKKA)
  28. Robert Field (KBS)
  29. Robert Gonzalez, MB (KBF)
  30. Robert Harris (KBS)
  31. Robert Morton (CCKF)†
  32. Robert Richardson (MSKA)
  33. Robert Schacherbauer (KBL)
  34. Robert Supak (CCKF)
  35. Robert Weiker (SMTNKA)
  36. Robnert Baethge (CCKF)†
  37. Rodney Kremer (NYKB)†
  38. Rok Ly (K&G)†
  39. Ron Champion*, MB (KBF, CCKF, KBFTN, KBS)
  40. Rondale Middlebrooks (BKFT)
  41. Russ Hyde (MYFS)
  42. Russell Grafrath (OKA)
  43. Ryan Goman (WKBS)
  44. Ryan Jeans (SMTNKA)
  45. Ryan Lambert (KBS)
  46. Ryan Pflaster (CCKF)†
  47. Sarah Meier (KBFTN)
  48. Saturday Mel* (K&G, KBF)
  49. Scott Moseman (CCKF)†
  50. Scott Shaw, MB (KBL)
  51. Sean Stone (BKFT)
  52. Seth Humphreys (GTS)
  53. Seth Lassitter (CBY)
  54. Shae McCord (KBFTN, CCKF)
  55. Shane Oakes (RTT, ARKFC)
  56. Shane Raynes (MSKA)
  57. Shane Williams, M (KBS)
  58. Shane Young, M (RKKFT)
  59. Shawn Skidmore (KBF)
  60. Shelly Efird (CKA)
  61. Slade Cestia, M (KBF)
  62. Stacey Martin (KBS)
  63. Stephanie Kimbro (MSKA)†
  64. Stephen Bowne (MSKA)
  65. Stephen Nesler (KBS)†
  66. Steve Borkowski (NYKB)†
  67. Steve Elliott (KBS)†
  68. Steve Garcia (CCKF)
  69. Steve Gray (CCKF)†
  70. Steve Roe (NEKKA)
  71. Steve Shadwick (MYFS)
  72. Steve Smith (KBS)†
  73. Stewart Venable (KBF)
  74. TD Holster (MSKA)†
  75. Terry Bowman , M ()
  76. Terry Brown (CCKF)†
  77. Terry Daniel, MB (SMTNKA)
  78. Terry Elkins (KBS)
  79. Terry Smith (KBS)†
  80. Terry Warren (CKA)
  81. Thomas Williams (BGYM)
  82. Tim Dunham (BGYM)
  83. Tim Sabella (K&G, QCKBF)
  84. TJ Strong (KBF)†
  85. TJ Worrell (QCKBF)
  86. Tom Michael (KBS)
  87. Tom Stubblefield (TKF)†
  88. Tommy Baker (KBF)
  89. Tony Lam, MB (KBL)
  90. Tony Yang (K&G)†
  91. Tou Yang (K&G, CCKF)†
  92. Travis Belcher (KBF)
  93. Travis Merritt (KBS)†
  94. Tyler Tacy (BGYM)
  95. Tyson Peterson, MB (KBF)
  96. Tyy Ward (MYFS)
  97. Vinny Ferreri (QCKBF)
  98. wannadodat (KBF)
  99. Wayne Cecil (KBS)
  100. Wayne Greyling, MB (BGYM)
  101. Wes Jones (WKBS)
  102. Will Rhoads (KTO)
  103. William Pfingst (WKBS)
  104. Zack Rush Turner (RKKFT)

National Championship Qualifier Coins

Anglers who earned a spot in the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship Roster are invited to use these coins as your Facebook Profile Image or to incorporate them in your Facebook Header. Click an image to open a larger version, which you should then right-click to save to your hard drive. Then, in your Facebook account, click your profile icon and replace it with your coin. All who qualified once are authorized to display the coin. If you qualified twice (in two events), add one star. Three-time qualified anglers merit the coin plus two stars. Four-time qualifiers are shown by the coin plus three stars, and anglers who qualified five times or more may display the coin with four stars.

2016 KBF National Championship Qualified Angler     2016 KBF National Championship 2x Qualified Angler     2016 KBF National Championship 3x Qualified Angler     2016 KBF National Championship 4x Qualified Angler     2016 KBF National Championship 5x Qualified Angler         

  • BGYM – Bluegrass YakMasters
  • BKFT – Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail
  • CBY – Chattanooga Bass Yakkers
  • CCKF – Capital City Kayak Fishing
  • CKA – Carolina Kayak Anglers
  • INKA – Indiana Kayak Anglers
  • K&G – Kayaks and Greenbacks
  • KAWPA – Kayak Anglers of Western PA
  • KBFTN – Kayak Bass Fishing Tennessee
  • KBL – Kayak Bass League
  • KBS – Kayak Bass Series
  • KT – KayakTournaments.com
  • MAKBF – Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series
  • MSKA – Mountain State Kayak Anglers
  • MYFS – Mo-Yak Fishing Series
  • NEKSKA – North East Kansas Kayak Anglers
  • OKA – Oklahoma Kayak Anglers
  • QCKBF – Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing
  • RKKFT – Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour
  • SKT – Sweetwater Kayak Tournament
  • SMTNKA – So Mid-TN Kayak Anglers
  • WKBS – Western Kayak Bass Series