KBF 3:60 Free-For-All Challenge

KBF Members Only... 60 hours...3 Bass...Your water...Your hours

KBF Challenge Series

The KBF 3:60 Free-For-All Challenge is an online bass tournament series awarding prizes, bragging rights, and eligibility for the next Kayak Bass Fishing NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. KBF BONUS BUCKS bonuses will be awarded, too. The top finisher in this event will qualify for and have his entry fees waived for the 2016 KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

  • First Place – $300
  • Second Place – $200
  • Third Place – $100
  • Plus cash bonuses:
    • $300 to the top ranking KBF BONUS BUCKS Member*
    • $200 to the second highest KBF BONUS BUCKS Member*
    • $100 to the third highest KBF BONUS BUCKS Member*.
    • *Must be enrolled in KBF BONUS BUCKS Program by 6:00 a.m. Friday, 22 April to be eligible for bonuses on this Challenge.

How to Enter this KBF Challenge

The Entry Fee for this KBF Challenge is $0.00. That’s right…free! If this is your first KBF Challenge, make sure to create a TourneyX member account. Once you’ve done that, then find the KBF 3:60 Free-For-All Challenge, sign up, and then take it to the lake!

This KBF Challenge is a 60-hour, three-bass CPR (catch-photo-release) event that begins at 6 a.m. on Friday, April 22 and ends 6 p.m. Sunday, April 24. All times are Central Daylight Time (CDT).

You may submit only one photo of each bass you catch, but there’s no limit to the number of bass you can submit as you attempt to improve your score. Only your top three bass will count toward your cumulative score.


KBF 3:60 Free-for-All Challenge

The KBF 3:60 Free-For-All Challenge is 60-hour (over three consecutive days), online kayak fishing competition for KBF Members only. It uses the CATCH-PHOTO-RELEASE tournament format with the TourneyX  tournament management system . [Register or Sign Up Now at TourneyX]

The unique identifier code for this event will be posted here, on the TourneyX dashboard, and published on the KBF 3:60 Free-For-All Challenge Facebook page. Competitors may choose to pre-print this form and fill it out with the code specific to this event.

Note that it is the same form being used for the KBF Regional Challenges and for the April 22-23 KBF TRAIL tournament and the KBF HOW Big Bass Brawl on Old Hickory.

KBF 3:60 Free-For-All Challenge Competition Rules Addendum

  1. KBF Challenge SeriesVenue Host: TourneyX
  2. Tournament HQ: Virtual (TourneyX)
  3. Tournament Director: Joe Haubenreich
  4. Tournament Format: This is a 3-fish Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) tournament powered by TourneyX. There is no limit to the number of bass photos Competitors may submit during the Competition Period. Regardless of the number of photos submitted, only the three longest bass submitted by a Competitor throughout the 60 hours of competition will post to his score and will determine the final ranking.
  5. Eligibility:
    1. KBF Membership: KBF Membership is required to compete in this KBF Challenge.
    2. TourneyX Membership and Registration: Prior to competition, each KBF Member who wishes to participate must (a.) sign up as a TourneyX user and then (b.) register on TourneyX. No entry fee is required to compete.
    3. Competitors must have valid fishing licenses for each state in which they fish. Prize winners must be prepared to submit proof of valid fishing license.
  6. Competition Rules: KBF Rules are in two parts.
    1. By registering, each competitor acknowledges he has read and agrees to abide by (a.) the KBF Competition Rules Standards (including the Release and Indemnification Agreement and Copyright and Use of Images Agreement) and to (b.) the specific rules outlined in the KBF Competition Rules Addendum on this page; and
    2. The competitor further agrees to abide by the KBF Event Participation Terms and Conditions.
  7. Competition Period
    1. Registration Deadline is not set for this free event. KBF Members may register right up until 6 p.m. Sunday, April 24 (when photo submissions cease).
    2. Competition Period Start and End dates are displayed at the top of the Challenge page on TourneyX
      • Start—Competition begins at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, April 22, 2016. Photos of fish caught only after the Competition Start time are acceptable.
      • End—Competition ends at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 24. All photos must be submitted to TourneyX by the Competition End time.
  8. Eligible Water & Location:
    1. Competitors may fish only public-access waters
  9. Awarding of Prizes
    1. Cash
      • First Place: $300
      • Second Place: $200
      • Third Place: $100
      • Highest finish by a KBF BONUS BUCKS Participant: $300
      • Second highest finish by a KBF BONUS BUCKS Participant: $200
      • Third highest finish by a KBF BONUS BUCKS Participant: $100
    3. Challenge results will be visible on TourneyX.