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Fall 2015 KBF OPEN Eligible Waters

Where are we allowed to fish?


Kayaks give anglers unique access to areas that powerboat and bank-walking anglers rarely fish. We’re making the most of that advantage by declaring all of Toledo Bend Reservoir, plus any of its backwaters and water contiguous to it, as eligible fishing waters for the Fall 2015 KBF OPEN anglers. This includes all of Toledo Bend plus the Sabine River channel and sloughs from the US-84 Logansport bridge to the north all the way to the LA Highway 8/TX Highway 63 bridge to the south.

As long as the water is open to the public, you don’t cross private property to reach it, and you can drag, carry, or float your kayak to it, you can fish it. The largest lake in the South, Toledo Bend has over 1,200 miles of shoreline, so you don’t need to worry about fishing right on top of each other.

Explore any stretches of bank, feeder creeks, sloughs or Sabine River areas that intrigue you. Open a browser map to Satellite View, find that same feature, zoom in, and then do a little detective work. Call local tackle shops. Search fishing reports. Not only tournament-winning fish, but bass of a lifetime prowl Toledo Bend, ready for you to catch, photo, and release.

Toledo Bend Reservoir