Series Overview

While most of the fishing Tournaments and Challenges that Kayak Bass Fishing conducts are for KBF Members, all events in the KBF OPEN Series are for both KBF Members and non-members.

Entry fees for these events are $100. Registration and payment of entry fees usually takes place on TourneyX; however, since these are meet-up tournamants, competitors may register and pay at the Event Check-in.

Most KBF OPEN Series tournaments are either two day, five-bass or one-day, three bass events.

They are run according to the KBF Competition Rules, which is comprised of two parts:

  1. KBF Competition Rules Standards, and
  2. Event-specific KBF Competition Rules Addendum, which are posted on the Events page of this Website.

Resident or temporary visitor fishing licenses are required by all KBF OPEN participants. If the tournaments are held on border rivers or lakes, usually either state’s fishing license is valid for visitors or residents of either state as long as you remain in your boat. If you choose to exit your kayak temporarily in order to fish from the shoreline, you will need a license for that state. Specific guidelines and clarifications are provided for each event.

Upcoming KBF OPEN Series Events