Series Overview

While the Challenges that Kayak Bass Fishing conducts are for KBF Members, all events in the KBF OPEN Series are for both KBF Members and non-members.

Entry fees for these events are $100. Registration and payment of entry fees usually takes place on TourneyX; however, since these are meet-up tournamants, competitors may register and pay at the Event Check-in.

KBF OPEN Series tournaments are two day, 10-bass (five, maximum, each day) on Friday and Saturday, with a Captains Meeting on Thursday evening. They are run according to the KBF Competition Rules, which is comprised of two parts:

  1. KBF Competition Rules Standards, and
  2. Event-specific KBF Competition Rules Addendum, which are posted on the Calendar Events pages of this Website.

Resident or temporary visitor fishing licenses are required by all KBF OPEN participants. If the tournaments are held on border rivers or lakes, usually either state’s fishing license is valid for visitors or residents of either state as long as you remain in your boat. If you choose to exit your kayak temporarily in order to fish from the shoreline, you will need a license for that state. Specific guidelines and clarifications are provided for each event.

Upcoming KBF OPEN Series Events

  • Southeast KBF OPEN on Santee Cooper reservoirs, SC, May 4-5, 2018
  • MidNorth KBF OPEN on the Mississippi River near La Crosse, WI, July 20–21, 2018
  • Western KBF OPEN on Clear Lake, CA, August 24-25, 2018
  • Northeast KBF OPEN Northeast OPEN in Erie, PA, September 14-15, 2018
  • Midwest KBF OPEN on Grand Lake, OK, October 12-13, 2018
  • Southwest KBF OPEN on Lake Havasu, Arizona, November 3–4 or 16–17, 2018

Southeast KBF OPEN – Santee Cooper, SC

Dates: Friday/Saturday May 5-6, 2018

Tournament Director: TBD

Sponsors: Clarendon County Chamber of Commerce

Venue Host: Clarendon County Chamber of Commerce welcomes kayak bass anglers, both KBF Members as well as others, to fish the post-spawn on Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, two lakes that make up the Santee Cooper complex. This was the site of two previous KBF OPEN Tournaments, in 2014 and 2015. This chain is a kayak anglers dream… lots of shallow, weedy water with thousands of acres of isolated, prime bass habitat. Look for bass in deeper holes and channels among clumps of cypress trees that are well beyond the reach of bass boat anglers

Midwest KBF OPEN – La Crosses, WI

Date: July 20–21, 2018

Tournament Director: TBD

Sponsors: Explore La Crosse

Summertime is bass fishing time on the upper Mississippi River. Both largemouth and smallmouth are plentiful in the Black and Mississippi River systems near La Crosse. Smallmouth hold along main river channels where rocks, downfalls and wing dams block the current, while largemouth bass abound among the weeds and stumps in the shallow backwater sloughs and passages.

Review Wisconsin fishing regulations and purchase your fishing license on the  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

Northeast KBF OPEN, Lake Erie, PA

Date: September, 2018

Tournament Director: TBA

Sponsors: Erie Sports Commission

Convenient access from northeast population centers, ample hotels, excellent fishing and regional support by KBF Partners makes Erie an natural choice for a late-summer/early fall KBF OPEN. 200-400 KBF Members and other kayak anglers from across the nation will have two days to prove the effectiveness of kayak fishing for putting big smallmouth on the leader board.

Southwest KBF OPEN – Arizona

Date: November, 2018

Tournament Director: TBA

Sponsors: In process

As winter tightens its grip on Canada and the northern states, KBF Members and other kayak bass anglers from there will welcome the more hospitable climate found in Arizona in November. Lake Havasu produced some trophy-size bass in 2017, and KBF is excited to introduce this fishery to its members nationwide. Whether they prefer chunk-rocky shoreline, bluffs, off-shore humps and channels, man-made structures like docks and bridges, or reeds and flooded tree structures in tributaries like the Bill Williams River on the south end of the lake, kayak anglers will find whatever kind of cover and structure they seek. A no-motor boat launching ramp located at the nearby NWR Headquarters provides access to a huge no-wake zone, which will appeal to kayak fishermen, too.