KBF Family 3+ Memberships

Parents, spouses, children and siblings fishing together

Discounts for Families

KBF encourages members to fish with members of their family. After the first two family members within the same household have full-price memberships, each additional member of the immediate family living in the same household may join KBF for $10 per year. [Sign Up Now]


The days of mom, dad, two-point-three kids and a dog making up the nuclear family is becoming increasingly rare. Blended families, parents splitting custody, multiple generations sharing homes… figuring out who is “immediate family” isn’t as easy as it once was.

KBF’s intent is to encourage families to share their kayak fishing experiences, to inculcate skills and pass along a passion for outdoor pursuits from generation to generation. To do that, we define “immediate family” as those living within the same household (parent, child, sibling, spouse).

So if Uncle Charlie and Grandpa are already KBF Members, can I pay just $10 for my annual membership? That mainly depends on whether they’re in the same nuclear family and all living in the same household. We don’t want to become arbiters of family life…”relationship Nazis,” so to speak. If you believe that the family members sharing living quarters in the same household are able to enrich the lives of generations of their family by sharing their love for kayaking, passion about fishing, and their outdoor ethic and KBF can help by providing a discount. we’ll work with you.

A child of divorced or separated parents doesn’t have to be a full-time resident in either one’s home to be considered part of the household. If a child shares time between two households, he may qualify in either one. A dad and his children, with whom he spends weekends and holidays, may take advantage of this discounted membership level. He pays full-price for himself and one other family member in his household, and then every other family member living in the same household (spouse, parent, child) can pay the $10 Family 3+ Annual Membership dues.

Compare savings using this membership level to the cost of KBF Student Annual Membership. A parent with two school-age children in the same household may pay the regular KBF Annual Membership dues rate for himself and then pay KBF Student Annual Membership dues ($25 each) for his two kiddos, saving $10.

Retroactive Status Change

If you paid the regular KBF Annual Membership rate of $50 and have two other household family members who are also KBF Annual Members who paid the regular rate, you may email accounting@kayakbassfishing.com within 60 days of your joining or membership renewal to identify the other KBF Members in the household, define the family relationships, and request a membership dues adjustment. Upon receipt of that email we’ll refund the difference in price.