Do you have personal familiarity with or expertise in Flagler County, Florida kayak fishing? Lake George, Crescent Lake, Dead Lake and the St Johns River and their tributaries in Florida are the site of the December 14 KBF Florida OPEN hosted by Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches. We’re seeking advisors who can help us vet public-access launch sites that competitors are likely to use at that event. Is that you, or can you tag another kayak bass angler who knows that area well?

Crescent Lake and Dead Lake are widely-known as big bass destinations. Lake George to their west is Florida’s second biggest lake, and the numerous tributaries offer excellent bass fishing, too. The KBF Florida OPEN will span an area 20 miles east-west and thirty miles north-south. Much of the eligible water is bounded by undeveloped land and private/no trespass property. Since this is an OPEN event, we expect to attract kayak anglers who are not very familiar with the area, with KBF rules and practices, and even with kayak fishing competition in general.

While providing a complete list of approved launch sites is not our standard practice (KBF Rules Standard regarding “any public-access launch” apply, as usual), we are considering flagging some public-access launch points (either free and for fee) that provide access to eligible water. See the map draft with this post.

NOTE: KBF is still trying to contact local merchants and law enforcement to vet the sites marked on this draft map; in its current state this should NOT be considered a map of authenticated, authorized launch points. KBF will continue to strive to provide the best possible service to the kayak bass fishing community and developing resources such as these are the next step in that direction. We hope that resources like these will benefit tournament competitors and recreational anglers alike.

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KBF Florida OPEN