With the release of the Hobie Bass Open Series schedule this past week, anglers now have a more complete sense of what the nation’s three main kayak bass fishing tournament series offer for 2024. In addition to the Hobie B.O.S., the Bassmaster Kayak Series published its schedule in October, while the Realtree Fishing Kayak Bass Fishing Trail Series Powered by Dakota Lithium has posted its 2024 on Fishing Chaos on a rolling basis since the spring of 2023, (beginning with the 2024 event on Lake Murray).

Every year, the three trails publish their schedules at different times. Tournament anglers can now begin the work of choosing which national trail (or trails) in which to compete. Some will choose to alternate between local trails and national events, while others will focus exclusively on one or the other. Given the variety and geographic range of the tournaments hosted by the three national trail series, there are ample opportunities to chase big trophies and wins for every angler from the veteran to the novice.

Of course, some trails have a wider reach, and each schedule varies from year to year.

Here are a few highlights from the combined schedules:

  • Both KBF and Bassmaster will hold events on Lake Murray, S.C., in early 2024. The tournaments are on back to back weekends, and anglers have a chance to spend the entire week fishing in and for two big events.
  • KBF and Bassmaster will also hold events on Lake Guntersville. KBF will host its Realtree Fishing Trail Series event there on April 6, while Bassmaster fishes the lake the following month.
  • All three series will hold events in the northeast (the KBF event remains tbd).
  • KBF and Hobie B.O.S. will host events at Lake Chickamauga. KBF will fish the lake on June 1-2, while Hobie fishes there in late September.

Hobie B.O.S. has also opted to add new lakes to its current circuit, adding several firsts to its schedule. KBF will focus on core favorites such as Santee Cooper, Chickamauga, Guntersville and Murray. The Bassmaster schedule also relies on traditional favorites, including some of those mentioned above.

In all, the three major trails offer qualifying paths to lucrative, end-of-year championship tournaments. The KBF portfolio also features its AmBASSador series network of partner clubs and on-line events (like the Ketch Challenge Series) to provide anglers with additional opportunities, while Bassmaster has a growing slate of N.C. B.A.S.S. Nation kayak chapters in each state.

In short, 2024 looks to be a great year for kayak tournament fishing. With the winter months rolling in, it is time to book travel plans and get ready to compete in the new year!

Additional Info

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The full Bassmaster Kayak Series schedule can be seen here.


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