Anglers know that in the month of May, bass are moving off the beds and feeding again, the weather is good and the topwater bite is heating up. In 2020, KBF MAYhem provided more opportunities for qualifications and prizes. KBF anglers loved it so much, we brought it back in 2021!

In the month of May, KBF will be increasing select KBF Challenge Series payouts and affording more opportunity to qualify for the KBF Trail Series Championship, the KBF Challenge Series Championship and the 2021 YakAttack KBF National Championship presented by Torqeedo.


  1. Become a KBF Member (Ambassador or above)
  2. Sign up for a State Challenge or Special Challenge in your state or region (or double up and fish another state if you are traveling to out of state KBF TRAIL events on the Potomac River or Candlewood Lake)
  3. Start Fishing on May 1st!


  1. For Challenge Series events held in May, 50% of the filed qualifies for the Challenge Series Championship.
  2. For KBF Trail events held in May, 50% of the field qualifies for the Trail Series Championship.
  3. For National Championship qualifying events (including partner groups) held in May, 50% of the field qualifies for the National Championship.


In addition to the regular payouts, KBF is offering the following prizes:

  • $500 added to the state with the highest angler registrations in the May State Challenge Series
  • $500 added to 1st place in Virginia
  • $500 added to 1st place in Texas
  • $1,000 added to 1st place in California

Finally, the top half of the field in each state will qualify for the KBF National Championship presented by Torqeedo.

For a video review of KBF MAYhem, watch Chad Hoover’s video here:

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