Who? KBF Partners are clubs, circuits, and events that align with Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC (“KBF”) with benefits and commitments laid out in an annual KBF Partner Agreement. This page is for KBF Partners and businesses that are exploring hosting a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament.

What? This is a guideline with job aids (e.g., check-lists, data sheets), instructions, resources, policies and procedures that a KBF Partner uses in planning and conducting a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament, a KBF OPEN, or other KBF-affiliated competitive event.

When? After an organization commits to be a KBF Partner, it can explore opportunities for mutually-beneficial events that run from January through October each year.

Where? KBF-sanctioned events are hosted by KBF Partners on lakes and rivers in their own backyards. Ideally, it’s in an area where a local chamber of commerce, tourism bureau, or economic development council or agency can support and help defray the expenses of organizing, promoting, and hosting an event that draws competitors from a multi-state region.

How? Below are resources, advice, and guidelines that explain the steps involved in organizing and running a KBF-sanctioned tournament: what you should expect from KBF, and what you will be expected to contribute in order to run a successful event.

Event organizers and directors are asked to use an online KBF Event Planning Data Form to provide and update information KBF needs to create and communicate about your event.

Why? KBF-sanctioned tournaments and events increase awareness of kayak bass fishing in general and the Partner, specifically, on a local and regional level. They reinforce the Partner’s brand and increase the number of active club or tour participants. These events also recruit new KBF Members, support KBF sponsors, and enable KBF to fulfill its mission to grow the sport of kayak fishing, build community, provide rewarding competitive opportunities, and drive innovation.

In addition, KBF has in 2018 added another big “Why?” in a new rewards program.


  • One active Tournament Director for each KBF TRAIL Series will receive a paid KBF Annual Membership for the calendar year in which the event takes place—a $50 value. ($50 KBF Gift Card if the TD is a Lifetime Member or has already paid his KBF Annual Membership Dues for the year.)
  • Tournament Directors who actively engage with and provide significant assistance to KBF Leadership in securing Sponsorship, Venue/Tourism Grants, or other event or series monetary funding are eligible to receive a percentage of the funding as a Referral Reward.
    • For funding amounts of $1,000 to $4,000, the Tournament Director will receive 10% of the funding amount as a cash payment may elect to receive KBF Sponsors’ Products worth 14% of funding based on retail value.
    • For funding amounts of $4,000 or more, the referral rewards percentage doubles. The Tournament Director will receive 20% of the funding amount as a cash payment may elect to receive KBF Sponsors’ Products worth 28% of funding based on retail value.
  • Tournament Directors may choose to redirect the Referral Award to the Partner club, tour, organization, or business they represent.


Event Plan Template

To help a TD coordinate his efforts with KBF staff members who are working with him to make his KBF TRAIL Series Tournament successful, here’s a typical sequence of event prior, during, and following the TRAIL event.

  • T-180: Schedule coordination, Advance organizers, KBF Partner and Venue Host Relationships (Chad & Kristie Hoover, TD)
  • T-60: Event details planning (Planner Form: HQ, launch locations & addresses, facilities, times, sponsor coordination, venue host engagement; investigation into local and site issues (Host TD)
  • T-30: KBF recruits and schedules event judges, review panel (Richard Penny)
  • T-20: Active/Inactive participants Report to TD (Chad Hoover)
  • T-15: Active/Inactive participants Report to TD (Chad Hoover)
  • T-12: KBF and TD promote event on social media with digital posters, descriptions, links; emails to area KBF members and previous years’ competitors (Joe Haubenreich, TD)
  • T-10: MRT Deadline; Active/Inactive participants Report/ (Chad Hoover)
  • T-9: Mail presentation check, marker, identifier forms, etc. to TD (Lynette Brentlinger, KBF Customer Support)
  • T-5:
    • KBF home stretch promotions via social media (Joe/Chad)
    • Judge commitments confirmed (Richard Penny)
  • T-1:
    • KBF Membership and BONUS BUCKS enrollments reports are run; reference tables updated (Josh Martin)
      Captains Meeting (Host TD)

Tournament (T) day

  •  Hour 0: KBF Big Bass Brawl registration ends. Update KBF Membership, KBF BONUS BUCKS, and KBF Big Bass Brawl lists. Mystery Bass length identified by Research Randomizer (1 number from 800 to 2300 rounded to closest 25; Josh Martin)
  • T Hours 1-9: Competition; supervision of Judges; response to competitors’ inquiries via TD email; supervision of final review (Richard Penny)
  • T Hour 7: Turn off public view of standings (optional). (Richard Penny)
  • T Hour 9.5: Event Standings Report CSV file downloaded, provided to Josh Martin. (Richard Penny)
  • T Hour 10: Event results report compiled and emailed to Host TD (Josh Martin)
    • Mystery Bass Report, if NuCanoe is being provided by local dealer
    • Ranking
    • Prize payouts
    • 2019 KBFNC qualifications
    • 2018 KBF TRAIL Championship qualifications
    • 2018 KBF AOY Points
    • Big Bass Brawl hourly and overall prizes
    • Awards announcements; Presentation Check photos (Host TD)


  • T+1, +2:
    • Email award photos to Joe Haubenreich (Host TD)
    • Dispute period; investigation and responses; adjusting and confirmation of results (Richard Penny with inputs from Host TD)
    • Preparation of social media reports (Joe Haubenreich)
    • Updates to AOY Rankings and 2019 KBFNC Qualified Members Charts (Josh Martin)
  • T +3:
    • Disbursement of Prize Funds (Kristie Hoover)
    • Social Media Reports Posted (Joe Haubenreich)
    • Post updated AOY Rankings, 2019 KBFNC Qualifiers Chart, Rankings & Rewards Reports on KBF Website (Joe Haubenreich)
  • T+5: Event review; lessons learned, opportunities for improvements; tentative schedule for next year (Chad Hoover and TRAIL TD)

Prize Payouts

  • Announce one cash prize for every ten registrants
  • Refer to the 2018 KBF TRAIL Series Prize Payout Chart
  • Distribute a W-9 Forms to every prize winner and request that he fill it out completely, including his SSN and signature.
  • Mail completed W-9 forms to KBF, 170 E Main St Ste D, Hendersonville, TN 37075; or for faster payout, scan and email them to accounting@kayakbassfishing.com.



  • BONUS BUCKS are awarded ONLY to KBF Members who place 1st and 2nd, and sometimes 3rd (for 75 or more registrants). Refer to this chart:
  • NOTE: No KBF Members (or non-member competitors) who finish below 3rd place are eligible for KBF BONUS BUCKS in KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments

Presentation Checks & Photo Ops

  1. You will receive, by USPS or UPS, a carton with a 3-foot wide presentation check and an email from KBF with a return/forwarding shipping label in PDF format.
  2. Unpack the check and save the bubble-wrap packing material and carton for a return or forwarding shipment. It either goes back to KBF or to the next KBF TRAIL Series Tournament Director.
  3. Recruit someone with decent equipment and good photography skills to take a photo of each prize winner holding a giant check.
  4. Referring to the illustration on this page, print (A.) host organization, (B.) the date, (C.) recipient’s name, (D.) amount of the prize + bonus (if any), and then (E.) event name printed in black dry-erase marker.
    NOTE: KBF’s presentation checks are mounted on PVC board and laminated with a clear film. Please use only EXPO dry-erase markers, the brand most compatible with the check’s laminate film and leave the least residue on the surface.
  5. Between presentations and after you’re finished, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth or soft paper towel. (Dry-erase board spray cleaners contain abrasives, which will damage the laminate surface.)
  6. Wrap the presentation check with bubble-wrap, insert it in the shipping carton you saved earlier, tape it, attach the mailing label that KBF will email to you as a PDF, and take it to a US Post Office or mail drop.
KBF Prize Presentation Check
KBF Prize Check Presentation

KBF Partner Competitive Event Planning Guide

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