Kayak Bass Fishing Partners

KBF-Affiliated Clubs, Tours, and Events

Below are KBF Partner clubs, tours, series and organizations for 2017.

These organizations have committed to support the standardization and continuous improvement of kayak fishing competition in the U.S. For a limited number of KBF Members who compete in their events and stand high in the group’s ranking, KBF Partners are authorized to qualify for the KBF National Championship KBF Members who compete in their events to advance to the KBF National Championship. Some KBF Partners host KBF TRAIL and OPEN Series tournaments. By affiliating as a KBF Partner, they become part of KBF andhey are also covered under the North American Tournament Association Event Liability Insurance Policy.

After reading details of the KBF Partner Program, if you would like your group to be counted in this number, start the ball rolling by filling out and submitting a Partner Profile Form.

KBF Partners
Arkansas Kayak Anglers

Arkansas Kayak Anglers

Jeff Malott | Fayetteville, AR

 KBF Partner - Arkansas Kayak Anglers Arkansas Kayak Anglers on Facebook Email Jeff Malott about Arkansas Kayak Anglers


Bluegrass Yakmasters

Bluegrass Kayak Anglers

Jay Wallen | Lexington, KY

 KBF Partner - Bluegrass Yakmasters Register for Bluegrass Yakmaster Events on TourneyX Bluegrass Yakmasters on Facebook  Email Bluegrass Yakmasters on YouTube

California KBF

Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail

Shawn Skidmore | OH

Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail on Facebook Email Shawn Skidmore at Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail Website


California KBF

California Kayak Bass Fishing

Richard Penny | CA

California Kayak Bass FIshing on Facebook Email Richard Penny at California Kayak Bass Fishing


Carolina Kayak Anglers

Carolina Kayak Anglers

Cory Dreyer | Randleman NC

 KBF Partner - Carolina Kayak Anglers CKA on Facebook Email CKA TD Cory Dreyer


Central TN Kayak Anglers

Central TN Kayak Anglers

Bobby Weiker | Cookeville, TN

Central TN Kayak Anglers on Facebook  Email Robert Weiker to lean about Central Tennessee Kayak Anglers

FLorida Bass Paddlers

Florida Bass Paddlers

Bill Sikora | Coral Springs, FL

Florida Bass Paddlers on Facebook  Email Bill Sikora at Florida Bass Paddlerse

Indiana Kayak Anglers - IKA

IN Kayak Anglers

Nathan Pickering | Noblesville, IN

  IKA on Facebook Email IKA Nathan Pickering Indiana Kayak Anglers IKA Website


KBF Tennessee

Kayak Bass Fishing TN

Craig Dye | Smyrna, TN

 KBF Partner - Kayak Bass Fishing TN KBFTN on Facebook Email KBFTN Jeremy Meier KBFTN YouTube


Kayak Bass League

Kayak Bass League

Alan Wiedmeyer | Aurora, IL

KBF Partner - Kayak Bass League Kayak Bass League - Facebook Sports League Page Kayak Bass League - Facebook Group Page
Kayak Bass League on TourneyX Email Kayak Bass League Kayak Bass League YouTube


Kayak Fish the Great Lakes

Kayak Fish the Great Lakes

Chris LeMessurier | Bloomfield, MI

Kayak Fish the Great Lakes KBF Partner Website KFGL KBF Partner Instagram KFGL Videos Facebook Email Chris at KFGL




Casey Reed | Goode, VA

 KBF Partner - Kayak Tournaments Kayak Tournaments on Facebook Email Casey Reed at Kayak Tournaments


Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing

Long Island KBF

Anthony Notaroberta | North Babylon, NY

 KBF Partner - Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing Long Island KBF Instagram Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing on Facebook Email Anthony Notaroberta to ask about Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing Club


Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series

Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series

Matt Campbell | Woodbridge, VA

 KBF Partner - Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Email Matt Campbell at Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing on Facebook

Mountain State Kayak Anglers

Mtn State Kayak Anglers

Jeremy Smith | Wayne, WV

 KBF Partner - Mountain State Kayak Anglers - West Virginia MSKF on TourneyX MSKA on Facebook
Email MSKA TD Jeremy Smith Mountain State Kayak Anglers YouTube See Mountain State Kayak Anglers on Instagram


Massachusetts Kayak Bassin'

Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’

Ken Woods | Taunton, MA

Email Ken Woods at MKB Masschusetts Kayak Bassin' on Facebook


North East Kansas Kayak Anglers

NE Kansas Kayak Anglers

Josey Stone, Kansas City, KS

KBF Partner - North East Kansas Kayak Anglers NEKKA on Facebook Email NE KS Kayak Anglers - Josey Stone


New York Kayak Bass Fishing Club

New York KBF

Billy Pulsifer, Bloomfield, NY

Register for NYKBF Events on TourneyX New York Kayak Bass Fishing on Facebook Email Billy Pulsifer to ask about New York Kayak Bass Fishing Club


Oklahoma Kayak Anglers

Oklahoma Kayak Anglers

Brent Wilson | Bartlesville, OK

 KBF Partner - Oklahoma Kayak Anglers OK Kayak Anglers on Facebook Email Brent Wilson with OK Kayak Anglers OK Kayak Anglers YouTube


Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing

Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing

Aaron Roberts | Albany, OR

 KBF Partner - Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing OKBF on TourneyX Facebook Email Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing YouTube


Peach State Kayak Anglers

Peach State Kayak Anglers

Jim Ware | Rome GA

   Peach State Kayak Anglers on Facebook Email Jim Ware of Peach State Kayak Anglers


Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour

Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour

Zack Rush Turner | Rome, GA

Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour on Facebook Email Zack Rush Turner at Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour


Show Me Kayak Fishing

Show Me Kayak FIshing Assn

Eric Hansen | Branson, MO

 KBF Partner - Show Me Kayak Fishing Association SMKFA on Facebook Email SMKFA Eric Hansen


MI Kayak Trail

Michigan Kayak Trail

Tom Mullins | Allandale, MI

MKT on Facebook Email Tom Mullins at MKT


TVKA Tennessee Valley Kayak Anglers

Tenn Valley Kayak Anglers

Steve Owens | Chattanooga, TN

TVKA on Facebook c


West TN Bass Yakkers

West TN Bass Yakkers

CJ Scott | McKenzie, TN

Follow WTBY on Twitter West TN Bass Yakkers YouTube WTBY on Facebook Email WTBY CJ Scott West TN Bass Yakkers Instagram


NE Bassin

New England Bassin

Jamie Verab | Massachusetts

NE Bassin on Facebook Email NE Bassin - Jamie Verab NE Bassin Website


Chattanooga Bass Yakkers

Chattanooga Bass Yakkers

Justin Rongey | Harrison, TN

CBY on Facebook Email Justin Rongey at CBY

Chattanooga Bass Yakkers

Air Capital Kayak Anglers

Jonathan Morse | Wichita, KS

 KBF Partner - Air Capital Kayak Anglers ACKA YouTube ACKA Instagram ACKA on Facebook Email Jonathan Morse at Air Capital Kayak Anglers - ACKA