KBF 2019 KBF Partner Program Overview

Kayak bass fishing clubs and circuits are invited to build a strategic alliance with KBF that benefits both organizations. This page provides details of the 2019 KBF Partner Program.

Partner Program Aims

  • To engage with kayak fishing clubs and tournament trails that share KBF’s mission to:
    1. increase the numbers of people engaged in the sport of kayak fishing.
    2. be a reliable source of information on the sport of kayak fishing
    3. conduct well-organized, professionally-run, and highly-rewarding kayak fishing competition(s)
  • To standardize competition through consistent, fair, objective, and thorough rules, standards, and practices.
  • Assist Partners in acquiring funding sources.
  • To increase Partner and KBF tournament participation levels resulting in raising the level of competition, increasing payouts and attracting more sponsors, spectators, and publicity.
  • Drive innovation through competition that introduces new materials, gear, and techniques that benefit not only competitors but recreational kayak anglers, too.
  • To support, recognize, and reward the individual contributions of tournament directors and organizers.

Partnership Benefits

  • KBF Liability Insurance — As member of North America Tournament Association, the world’s largest fishing organization, KBF and any of its affiliated Partners that opt in are covered by KBF’s NATA Event Liability Insurance Policy (Fresh Water use only). Through NATA, KBF also obtains Certificates of Insurance for parks and municipalities that require they be named as insured parties. For more information refer to the Event Liability Insurance page in this website.
  • KBF TRAIL Series Hosting Opportunities — Partners may coordinate with KBF staff to plan and conduct KBF TRAIL Series or KBF Co-Hosted Tournaments to elevate its profile, help it grow, and provide opportunities for its members to compete in regional level events close to home.
  • Qualifications for the 2020 KBF National Championship. Each KBF Partner is authorized to award two or more KBFNC Qualifications to KBF Members in the organization based on merit.
  • KBF Advisory Role: Partner representatives are invited to serve on Facebook private groups that address a range of lessons learned, best practices and future changes.

Partnership Requirements

  • KBF Membership: To function effectively as KBF advocates and to representatives with their groups, KBF Partners’ Tournament Directors/Club Presidents (or equivalents for each organization) are required to be KBF Members. There is no minimum requirement for KBF Membership among other club members. Additional perks, including local club sponsor and product support will be allotted for Clubs that have required KBF membership.
  • KBFNC Qualification Awards: KBF Partner organizers/directors award KBF National Championship Qualifying Slots to KBF Members in its ranks on the basis of competitive performance.
  • Group Rosters: KBF Partners provide a roster of active participants at the beginning of the year in order to calculate liability insurance premium amounts. Again, on August 1, Partner rosters are submitted to KBF and then returned with KBF members and KBFNC-qualified flagged. This is how the correct number of KBFNC Qualifications authorized for each Partner is determined.
  • Standardized Rules: KBF Partners are invited to use KBF Competition Rules Standards as the foundation for their own rules. This is optional, but it helps ensure the scoring criteria will be consistent for anglers wishing to enter each fish for multiple concurrent competitions (e.g., club tournament and two different Challenges). Partners may link to the KBF Competition Rules Standards and then includes their own group- or event-specific Rules Addenda. All KBF Trail Series events will use KBF Competition Rules Standards.


KBF recognizes three Tiers of partnership: Provisional, Preferred and Platinum.

  1. Provisional Partner
    • Submitted KBF Partner Profile Form/Application from January 1 to April 30
    • Agreement executed & first deliverables by May 31
    • KBFNC “At-large” Qualification for 10% of the number of KBF Members* in the organization by October 1, 2019, plus 1 TD KBFNC Qualification
  2. Preferred Partner
    • Second year as KBF Partner, or a return after a hiatus of one or more years and show a minimum of 5% growth in total KBF membership.
    • Partner Profile & Application received by December 31, 2018
    • Agreement executed & first deliverables submitted to KBF by January 31, 2019.
    • KBFNC “At-large” Qualification for 10% of the number of KBF Members* in the organization by October 1, 2019, plus 1 TD KBFNC Qualification
  3. Platinum Partner
    • Organization has been a KBF Partner continuously for two or more years and show a minimum of 5% growth in total KBF membership.
    • Partner Profile & Application received by December 31, 2018
    • Agreement executed & first deliverables by January 31, 2019.
    • Operating as a true club with officers
    • KBFNC “At-large” Qualification for 10% of the number of KBF Members* in the organization by October 1, 2019, plus 1 TD KBFNC Qualification
    • Additional sponsor and product support from KBF sponsors.
    • Priority Event Co-hosting with KBF.
    • Priority placement for future KBF TRAIL Series event planning.
    • For clubs operating at 100% KBF membership, KBF will payout $500 towards the clubs AOY, or end of the year awards ceremony at the discretion of the Club.

*Refer to password-protected KBF Member roster PDF file on this page.

Qualification Procedure

  1. If Partner meets eligibility standard, Qualification awarded to highest rank(s) only.
  2. Partner determines the structure it will use for year-end awards of KBF-NC Qualifications to its KBF Members
    • May skip organization’s KBF Members who qualified previously in Partner and KBF competition
    • Options include but are not limited to annual/AOY ranking, Championship/Year-end Classic ranking, top places at Events during the season, or other quantifiable, competition-based ranking.

KBF Commitments and Deliverables

  1. Event Liability Insurance
    • COI required by many venues
    • Legal defense and claims payment protecting organization, officers from 3rd party claims
    • Incident reports
    • Saves Partner clubs from $350 to $2,000+ per year or $5 per participant per event
  2. Pathway for competitive advancement to regional- and national-level KBF Events
    1. 2020 KBN National Championship “at-large” Qualifications, as described in Partner Ties, above 
    2. KBFNC Qualifications to top 10% of field at Partner’s meet-up tournaments with 30+ registrants, awarded only to those who were KBF Members prior to start of competition, with no roll-downs for non-KBF Members and competitors previously qualified. For example, a club meet-up tournament (no “virtual,’ on-line event) with 37 registrants would be authorized to award qualifications to the top 4, assuming they are KBF Members (having paid their KBF membership dues prior to the event) and had not already qualified in earlier competition.
  3. Presence on the KBF Partner List web page, providing visibility to KBF Members and kayak bass fishing enthusiasts, which can feed Partner growth
  4. Use of acceptable KBF-approved Tournament Management System at no charge for Official KBF Events (e.g., TRAIL Series)
  5. Access to KBF volume pricing/preferred customer status for apparel, decals, promotional items and special purchase options with all participating KBF sponsors
  6. Referrals and endorsement to prospective sponsors
  7. Opportunity to host a KBF TRAIL or OPEN, which provides additional KBF-NC qualifying opportunities for Partner’s members
  8. Graphic assets, web support, and social media promotion (logos, social media group and event header artwork) Graphic files are available on the KBF Graphics Resources Page.)
  9. Representation for KBF policy and program review, refinements, and communications
  10. Use of KBF Competition Rules Standard, in total or part, by link or appropriation (OPTIONAL)
  11. Administrative, marketing, operational support to Partners that host KBF TRAIL and OPEN Series Tournaments and assistance in promoting Partner events/series to the maximum extent possible

Partner Commitments and Deliverables

  1. Along with executed agreement, provide KBF with a roster of the organization’s “active members,” defined as competitors or group members who participated in two or more Events during the 2018 season.
  2. Identification
    • Integration of KBF Partner logo in organization’s social media to identify it as a KBF Partner
    • Integration of KBF Partner logo on organization’s website (if applicable) to identify it as a KBF Partner
    • Addition of KBF decal to organization’s event banner (if applicable)
  3. On August October 1; provide KBF with a roster of “active members” for identification of KBF Members, calculation of percentages, and final authorization of KBFNC Qualifications [Partner Qualifications Awards Form]
  4. After October 1, but On or before December November 1; provide to KBF a list of the Partner’s KBF Members who were awarded KBFNC Qualification, including their state or province of residence and email addresses. [Partner Qualifications Awards Form]
  5. Advice
    • Assign one Partner Representative to the KBF Advisory Group private Facebook group
    • Assign Partner Representative(s) to the KBF Partner private Facebook group
  6. Advocacy
    • Represent KBF and its management in a positive light with the Partner’s membership
    • Encourage organization’s members’ participation in KBF Events
    • By example and influence, encourage KBF Membership among organization membership. Tournament Directors/Club Presidents are required to be KBF Members, and while KBF Membership is not mandated for club members, perks increase with the percentage and number of KBF Members in each Partner organization.

How To Become a 2019 KBF Partner:

To begin, each returning, new, or prospective Partner is asked to complete and submit a KBF Partner Profile Form. You’ll be asked for the Organization’s identify and location, plus a description of the event or series. There will be spaces to describe your organization’s objectives, issues, resources, and requirements. We’ll also request more info on your organization, like contact names, web and social media properties, event schedule, and your active membership roster (for insurance premium calculation).

Richard Penny, KBF’s Partner Program Manager, serves as KBF Partners’ primary contact and will follow up to review program expectations and benefits, and answer any questions. If the organization’s leadership is satisfied with the answers and agreement terms, then an authorized representative is asked to fill out and digitally sign a KBF Partnership Agreement and submit it, with a group roster of active members, to KBF. Upon receipt of the roster and executed agreement, the new Partner will then be authorized to enjoy Partner benefits and will be provided access to KBF Partner resources in a password-protected area of this Website.

KBF Partner Q&A

Why is KBF trying to get all kayak fishing groups to adopts its Competition Rules Standards?

Adoption of KBF Competition Rules Standards is optional.

KBF is not trying to impose control over the clubs but, rather, to offer resources that can help the kayak fishing community standardize its rules, practices, technology, judging criteria, and tools. Our goal is for an angler who catches a fish to be able to count that in one, two, three or more concurrent competitions. To facilitate that, all of those competitions should be using the same measuring boards, applying the same scoring criteria, perhaps using the same online apps for uploading, scoring, and displaying results. Also, by adopting a common foundation of rules, kayak anglers who fish in events run by different organizations will have a fairly consistent experience and go in with a more accurate set of expectations on how it’s going to go.

Does a KBF Partner pay KBF anything?

No. KBF covers its operational and administrative costs through membership fees, sales of merchandise, sponsorship admin fees, and venue host fees. Funds that come in through KBF BONUS BUCKS all go back out to participants in that program, as do the lion’s share of Entry Fee funds.

Organizations pay no charge to become KBF Partners. We hope KBF Partner leaders will promote KBF membership among their members.

Must KBF Partner's members or participants still supply their own liability insurance?
KBF’s Event Liability Insurance covers the organization and its leaders, organizers, and directors for claims by third parties. Each individual member is protected against claims by the liability insurance that is part of their homeowners or renters insurance.

In today’s litigious climate, it’s a good idea to be covered by a liabiity insurance policy. The individual insurance mandate for bass tournament participants grew out of bassboat competition and out of whitewater kayaking competition. Some venues require that all organizing groups present proof of liability insurance coverage and that they be provided with a Certificate of Insurance that names them as co-insured on the policy.

NATA’s liability insurance policy covers KBF, KBF Partner organizations and their officers and directors against claims by third parties arising out of loss or injuries at any event, not limited to competitive events. Every homeowner’s or Renter’s policy has a liability insurance component that provides liability protection, which covers individuals within the organization.

If an angler gets injured or killed in a club-sponsored event, or if property is damaged as a result of an organization’s activities, the venue host, club, its organizers, the TD, and KBF will, in all likelihood, be named in lawsuits brought by the injured parties or the surviving family members. The coverage pays for legal defense and of any judgment, up to one million dollars per claim with no aggregate limit.

Can KBF Partners use the KBF Identifier Form for their own events?
Yes, you may. KBF provides links to a single form or 8 to a page. Both as PDF files, so you can print off and cut out several before you need them. KBF will also have them pre-printed on card stock for KBF tournaments and will make them available to KBF Partners, too.
At what point must one join KBF to be eligible for a 2020 KBF-NC Qualifying Slot?

At the very least, a club member must join KBF before the club awards him with KBF National Championship Qualification…not afterwards.

If a KBF Partner has 30 or more registrants at a meet-up event (tournament, not “virtual,” on-line event), it may qualify the top 10% of the field, but the qualification can be awarded to top-ranked competitors who were KBF Members prior to start-of-competition. No roll-downs, in case some or all in the top 10% are not KBF Members or previously qualified.

KBF Event Liability Insurance
KBF Event Liability Insurance
KBF Event Liability Insurance
KBF Event Liability Insurance
KBF Event Liability Insurance
KBF Event Liability Insurance