Program Overview

KBF Pro Tour is not a membership level, per se, but a special program available to KBF Lifetime Members and 2019 KBF Competitor Members that offers competition against other Pro Tour participants at KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments.

KBF Pro Tour Registration Fee is $200 per season. Each calendar year ends 12/31. 50% of the Pro Tour Registration Fee covers program administrative costs, and 50% goes into the Pro Tour Championship prize pot.

In addition to the $75 KBF TRAIL Series Entry Fee, KBF Pro Tour Event Fee is $250 per tournament.

KBF Members on the Pro Tour register for each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament through the Tournament Management System and pay the customary $75 TRAIL Event Entry Fee.

They then register through the KBF Online Store to compete against other Pro Tour participants at the KBF TRAIL Series Tournament, similar to how they enter each KBF Big Bass Brawl.

$10 of the Pro Tour Event Entry Fee goes toward credit card transaction costs, tournament management system fees, and administrative costs. $60 is added to the Pro Series Championship prize pot (along with half of the Pro Tour registration fee). The remaining $180 is paid out as cash prizes to the top three places at the event:

  • 1st Place: 50%
  • 2nd Place: 30%
  • 3rd Place: 20%

2019 Pro Tour Roster

These are KBF Members (Competitor and Lifetime) who will be competing in the Pro Tour class at KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments this year:

Arlie Minton (NC)
Billy Reynolds (MO)
Bobby Bowman (CA)
Brad Case (MS)
Brian  Baulsir (NY)
Casey Reed (VA)
Christopher Blair (MI)
Cody Milton (AR)
Cory Dreyer  (NC)
Daniel Morris (TN)
Dustin Good (VA)
Dwayne Taff (TX)
Eric Nelson (NC)
Eric Siddiqi (OH)
George Nemeth (OH)
Greg Hurt (TX)
Henry Veggian (NC)
Jacob Penny (CA)

James Clark (AL)
James Engle (ME)
Jamie Broad (LA)
Jamie Denison (NC)
Jason Broach (SC)
Jason Gardner (ME)
Jay Wallen (KY)
Jeff Fader (MI)
Jeremy Cherry (MO)
Jerry Burdine (FL)
Jim Williams (GA)
Jody Queen (WV)
John Dicenzo (RI)
Joseph D’Addeo (NH)
Josh Martin (KS)
Joshua Stewart (TN)
Justin Lacasse (RI)
Ken Wood (MA)

Kevin Dowie (NH)
Matthew Ball (OH)
Matthew Brannon (SC)
Mel Ashe (MO)
Mike Cheatham (TN)
Nicholas Booth (RI)
Richie McMichael (KS)
Robert Harris (FL)
Scott  Beutjer (GA)
Stephen Leaman (MO)
Stewart Venable (SC)
Thomas Mee (CT)
Tim Perkins (AL)
Timothy Isaacs (WV)
Tricia Angelini (NY)
Tyler Martinez (FL)
Tyler Sweet (NY)
Vincent Fuqua (IL)


Bundle Pro Tour Events and Save

Individually, Pro Tour Entry Fees per event include:

  • $75 KBF TRAIL Series Registration
  • $25 KBF Big Bass Brawl Registration
  • $250 Pro Tour Event Registration

That adds up to $350 per event. Four events at $350 would normally cost $1,400, and six would be $2,100.

Pay up-front for four 2019 Pro Tour events and save 10% ($140) or for six and save 15% ($315).

[Save me 15% on Six]  [Save me 10% of Four]