2020 Program Overview

For 2020, the KBF Pro Tour is a 5-event tournament series for 2020 KBF Pro Members that offers an opportunity to compete against top kayak anglers in the KBF Nation.

KBF Members on the Pro Tour register for each Pro Tour Tournament through TourneyX and pay a $250 Event Entry Fee.

The tour culminates in a Championship on Kentucky Lake out of Paris, Tennessee on July 11-12.


$5 of the Pro Tour Event Entry Fee covers TourneyX fees and $7.55 to credit card transaction costs. 25% of Entry Fees ($62.50) is held back for the Pro Tour Championship. The remaining $174 from each competitor goes into the event prize pot, as shown in the 2020 KBF Pro Tour Payout Chart on this page.

If fewer than five sign up on TourneyX for the event by registration deadline, the competition will be cancelled, registration fees refunded in full, and the registrants will still qualify for the Pro Tour Championship.

2020 Pro Tour Angler of the Year

At each Pro Tour Tournament, AOY Points are awarded, starting at 600 for first place, dropping by 5 points with each step down through the rankings.

At the Pro Tour Championship, the points and step decrements double (1,200 points, dropping 10 points at each step).

Competitors’ AOY Points are the total of their top two events, plus the Pro Tour Championship points.

KBF Pro Angler of the Year will be determined at the Pro Tour Championship. In case of a points tie, Championship ranking will determine who wins the title.

Qualifying for the 2020 KBF Pro Tour Championship

KBF Members qualify for the KBF Pro Tour Championship in three ways:

  1. At each Pro Tour Tournament, the top 15 in standings qualifies for the 2020 KBF Pro Tour Championship.
  2. In addition, each Pro Tour competitor whose top two scores total 900 point or more qualifies for the Championship.
  3. The top 5 KBF Members from each of three KBF Pro Tour OPEN events during the year.

2020 Pro Tour Opens

Three open-registration events through the year provide opportunities for other KBF Members to qualify to compete in the Pro Tour Championship.

Entry fee for each KBF Pro Tour OPEN is $100. 25% of that Entry Fee goes to the Pro Tour Championship Prize Fund. After TourneyX and PayPal fees, the remainder goes into the event prize pot.