KBF, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that we are postponing the 2020 KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and we will be rescheduling it for the end of the season. This is unfortunate and we understand the inconvenience and financial impact that this will cause for many. KBF is counted amongst the ranks of those that this will have a significant financial toll. We will do everything possible to ensure that we expedite refunds for those that request them, continue to evolve our plan to salvage as many opportunities as possible for the remainder of the 2020 season and we are steadfast in our commitment to serve the Kayak Bass Fishing Community.

In addition, we will be placing all live events on a 60 day hiatus and will work diligently to reschedule as many events as possible in an intelligent manner with the assistance of our Partner Group Leadership panel, sponsors, host entities and other trusted advisors.

The KBF State Challenge Series will move forward to offer as many anglers as possible the opportunity to compete where it is not in conflict with Federal, State and Local restrictions that have been brought on by this unprecedented historical occurrence. The KBF State Challenge Series will require 5 anglers for each state to move forward and due to existing constraints on finances and manpower we will be unable to combine states as we have in the past and only those meeting the minimum will be activated.

Focus on your family, your friends and staying safe, healthy and as active as permissible. Thank you in advance for your patience, consideration and support during this trying time and we look forward to getting back to a normal operational pace as soon all associated factors permit.


Chad Hoover
KBF President/Founder