Tournament Rules for KBF Events

Introduction to KBF Rules

  1. Every KBF Competitive Event shares the same KBF Rules foundation, the KBF Competition Rules Standards.
  2. That foundational set is supplemented by additional rules reflecting each event’s unique opportunities, features, and restrictions. These supplemental rules are included on each Competitive Event Web page under the subhead, “KBF Competition Rules Addendum.”
  3. Together these two rules sets—Standards and Addenda—comprise the complete set of KBF Rules imposed for each KBF Competitive Event.
  4. As a condition for participation in a KBF Competitive Event, each Competitor is required to become familiar with all the applicable KBF Rules and voluntarily agrees to abide by them.
  5. KBF Management and tournament directors make every effort to ensure the rules are complete, concise, and comprehensible. Our aims are to ensure that competitors understand KBF’s expectations and guidelines and that directors and judges will administer them objectively and impartially.
  6. Rules are revised or supplemented from time to time for clarification or to cover issues not previously addressed. When these changes are made, notification are communicated on Facebook and in the Kayak Bass Fishing Forum.

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