Kayak Bass Fishing has added two new challenges to its catalog of Catch-Photo-Release  fishing series. The KBF catalog includes the long running KBF Challenge Series, the popular Knuklhed Bass Fishing series and the charity FishOps Catch 22 Challenge.

The new additions to the on-line series are the KBF Smallmouth Series (which started in July, with rolling sign up that remains open) and the upcoming KBF River Series (which begins in October).

In this post, we provide updates on the two new series, and also some news about how they relate to the Realtree Fishing KBF Challenge Series Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries.

The Kayak Bass Fishing Smallmouth Series

This new series has a title that says it all: KBF competitors catch and post Smallmouth Bass, and only Smallmouth Bass. They can catch them from rivers or lakes and in doing so they compete to qualify for the first ever Smallmouth Series Championship (to be held in 2024). The Smallmouth Series is divided into three seasonal frames:

  • The current challenge is the Summer frame, and runs through September 30, 2023. Sign up remains open for it!
  • The next frame is the KBF Fall Smallmouth Series, which runs from October 1st-December 24th, 2023. You can already register now for it!
  • Finally, the Spring Smallmouth Series runs from March 16th to June 21st, 2024.

The current Summer edition is off to a hot start and with cool weather ahead it will only get better.

As Chad Hoover explained in a recent video, a championship is being planned for 2024, in which the top 15 anglers in each frame (45 total anglers) will fish it out for a championship round on a trophy Smallmouth fishery. Sign up, and stay tuned for more info!

The Kayak Bass Fishing River Series

This new series is the latest addition to the KBF Series catalog. Like the Smallmouth Series, it adopts modified rules that allow anglers to portage and wade in rivers, but in this case the target species are any Black Bass species, and the eligible water is restricted to rivers.

The KBF River Series is also divided into three seasonal events:

  • The first frame is the KBF Fall River Series, which runs from October  1st-December 24th, 2023. Sign up for it is open, so click here.
  • It will be followed in 2024 by a Spring edition and a Summer edition. Sign up is already open for each on Fishing Chaos. And like the Smallmouth Series, the KBF River Series will also have a championship event that will be held on a trophy river fishery.

KBF Challenge Series Championship

The 2024 Realtree Fishing KBF Challenge Series Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries will hold its Championship event in Alabama on October 19-20, 2023. Because some of the eligible waters for that event hold trophy Smallmouth Bass, it is an opportunity to compete across events, while also working toward a championship berth in 2024! You can cross-post fish from the KBF Trail Series Championship and TENvitational, too!

And don’t forget: the last month of the 2023 KBF Challenge Series begins on September 1st. It’s your last chance to try for the State Points title and earn points ahead of the 2023 Challenge Series Championship! Sign up for it here!

In all, the expanded Kayak Bass Fishing catalog of on-line fishing series has expanded while the new Smallmouth Summer Series is off to a hot start. Get signed up for more prizes and more qualifying opportunities than ever before!

REALTREEFISHING  KBF Challenge Series Tournaments are Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries

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First Published August 29, 2023

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