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KBF Thanksgiving Challenge

Compete with other kayak bass anglers from other regions on a level playing field

KBF Challenge Series

The KBF Thanksgiving Challenge is an online bass tournament series awarding eligibility for the next Kayak Bass Fishing NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Depending on the size of the field for each Regional Challenge, up to three anglers each month will qualify for KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP spots.

  • 10- 50 Participants – 1 Qualifying Spot
  • 51-75 Participants – 2 Qualifying Spots
  • 76+ Participants – 3 Qualifying Spots

Winning a “Qualifying Spot” means that the angler is now eligible to fish in the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It does not cover the $200 Entry Fee. Any angler who places high enough in the KBF Thanksgiving Challenge to earn a qualifying spot and has previously qualified in another KBF-sanctioned online or live tournament can elect to have his KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP $200 Entry Fee waived.

How to Enter a KBF Challenge

The standard Entry Fee for a KBF Regional Challenge is $10, which is collected when you sign up on TourneyX. If this is your first KBF Challenge, make sure to first create an account as a TourneyX member. Once you’ve done that, then find the regional challenge series event(s) in which you would like to compete, sign up and pay your entry fee, and then take it to the lake! Each KBF Regional Challenge is a one-month, three-bass CPR (catch-photo-release) event that begins on the 15th day of the month. You may submit only one photo of each bass you catch, but there’s no limit to the number of bass you can submit as you attempt to improve your score. Only your top three bass will count toward your cumulative score. Entry into any Kayak Bass Fishing Regional Challenge Series event constitutes acceptance of TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Besides the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP slots, one prize will awarded for each 30 anglers registered. KBF Regional Challenges with 29 or fewer anglers are competing strictly for the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP qualification.


  • 30 to 59 Anglers: 1 Prize – $50 Minimum
  • 60 to 89 Anglers: 2 Prizes – $100 and $50 Minimum
  • 90 Plus Anglers: 3 Prizes – $150, $75, $50 Minimum

**After 90 Anglers, the prize values will continue to increase.

Thanksgiving Challenge Results

You may remember that not enough anglers registered in seven regions to hold KBF Regional Challenges in November, so we rolled those regions’ registrations into a single KBF Thanksgiving Challenge (offering each person an opt-out). To account for regional variances in average bass lengths (CA, FL, and TX bass run bigger than MD, KS, and OH, for example) we compiled all the TourneyX results from the last three months KBF Challenges to calculate regional length factors. That factor was used to determine the final standings for this Challenge.

Jason Broach had the greatest actual length. His state of Florida has produced the longest bass average in KBF tournaments, so his result was multiplied by 1.00. Bass in David Baden’s state, MD, run shorter on average and have an length adjustment factor of 1.10. When multiplied by that factor, his 63.25″ total jumped to 69.53. That netted him first place plus qualified him for the KBF National Championship. This happens to be the second time he qualified (with at least one being a KBF online Challenge) so KBF will also be paying his National Championship Entry Fee. Congratulations, Dave!

Above are the original rankings and lengths and the adjusted rankings and lengths.

KBF Membership and KBF BONUS BUCKS

Starting January 1, KBF Membership is required for all KBF tournaments except the KBF OPEN Series. The $50 membership fee is a very good value, even if you just take into account the discounts at KBF, HOOK 1, and other sponsors online stores. In addition, KBF Members will be offered special offers, opportunities to field test and review new products from KBF sponsors and other manufacturers, and other member-only benefits.

KBF Members can also get in on KBF BONUS BUCKS, which adds bonuses on top of regular tournament payouts. The enrollment free for that is $100, but if you sign up for BONUS BUCKS between now and December 31, you’ll get your KBF Membership rolled in at no additional charge. That’s a $50 savings right off the bat.

Let us know if you have questions about this or about the results of the KBF Thanksgiving Challenge.

Joe Haubenreich