The Trinity River system produced a historic finish on Saturday, April 10. That day included:

  • a dramatic comeback by Jody Queen (down 14” in the final quarter of fishing, he finished second)
  • huge limits (the top three totaled a combined 321.5”)
  • the 2nd biggest 5 fish limit ever caught at a KBF TRAIL event (Guillermo Gonzalez, 110.5”)

Would the lakes produce similar numbers on Sunday?

Competition began with big fish once again on Sunday, April 11, but big fish and big limits were not the main story at the end of the day. To begin, Jody Queen started his day with an early lead that included a 23” giant, a fish that would hold up to win the BucketMouth Brand Big Bass prize. But it was Bradley Kuhlin who jumped ahead of Queen in the second hour, while Adam Petrone made an early leap into the top 5 with a 21” bass. Soon, more big bass came to the board, as Jamie Broad, Danny Uribe and Matthew Flett posted fish that broke the 20” mark.

It was Flett who kept upgrading and leading the pack, and late in the day he had a lead. Other anglers were closing in, however, and with one hour left to fish, only 3” separated the top 5 anglers, with 3 anglers within 1.25” of the top spot. These were the top five at 1:30 CST:

  1. Matthew Flett 95.25”
  2. Kristine Fischer 94.5”
  3. Jeff Penny 94.5”
  4. Jamie Broad 94”
  5. Dale Griffin 92.5”

And then, it got even closer. Dale Griffin upgraded to 95”. Not to be outdone, Matthew Scotch upgraded and tied for the lead. When it was over, only 1.25” separated the top 6 anglers on the Fishing Chaos leader board and Scotch emerged the victor by virtue of a big bass tie breaker. There have been close finishes in KBF TRAIL history, and also tie-breakers, but never before have that many anglers been separated by so little when the stakes were that high.

The Top 10

  1. Matthew Scotch 95.25”
  2. Matthew Flett 95.25”
  3. Dale Griffin 95”
  4. Kristine Fischer 94.5”
  5. Jeff Penny 94.5”
  6. Jamie Broad 94”
  7. Cody Milton 88.5”
  8. Danny Uribe 86”
  9. Jody Queen 85.75
  10. Guillermo Gonzalez 84.75”

BucketMouth Brand Big Bass: Jody Queen, 23″

Complete Standings:

Additional Info

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