What is your objective as a kayak angler? For some, it is to meet folks and have a good time. For others, it’s a chance to compete and maybe win some gas money, or more. For a very select group it’s a chance to represent the United States of America on the USA kayak fishing team.

If that’s your objective, you will get your chance to achieve it on Lake Murray this spring.

The USA Kayak Fishing team has announced it will hold a qualifying tournament on Lake Murray from April 26-28, 2024. The top six finishers in that tournament will secure spots on the USA Kayak Fishing team for the Pan-American tournament (also on Lake Murray) to be held on September 27-29, 2024.

So here is some motivation to step up your kayak fishing game: that’s not just a big Lake Murray bass on the line – it’s a chance to represent your country at the highest level of international kayak fishing competition.As announced by USA Kayak Fishing, the top 75 anglers in the 2023 Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries are eligible. If your name is listed in the top 75 of the automated Fishing Chaos points rankings from 2023, you will be able to register for the event (the tournament management platform will be announced soon).

It goes without saying that KBF anglers are excited by the prospect. Long time pro Jody Queen “I can do something like that! It’s close to home, and it’s going to be on a great lake. I think the accessibility of Lake Murray is appealing in terms of travel times to the lake, too.”

Jody Queen has his objectives sorted out. So does the USA Kayak Fishing Team. Richard Penny is Vice President and Director of Operations of the team, and he told KBF “Our main objective is to get the top anglers in the country an opportunity to represent the United States in the Pan-American tournament on Lake Murray in September.”

Consider your objectives as a kayak angler. Is representing your country on that list? Were you in the top 75 of the 2023 KBF TRAIL Series standings? Then get signed up to fish the KBF TRAIL series there in March, and scout the lake for this amazing April tournament!

The 2024 Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries will open its season on Lake Murray on March 2-3, 2024, providing an opportunity to scout the lake in advance and perhaps begin qualifying for 2025, should the USA kayak fishing format remain the same.

Additional Info

To register for the KBF Trail Series tournaments on Lake Murray this March 2-3, 2024, visit https://app.fishingchaos.com/tournament/sdYir0vPN96wgkprCTal

To see if your name is on the top 75 from the 2023 KBF TRAIL Series season, go to: https://app.fishingchaos.com/club/iPHm2IcM5Pz0pmqsoqmG/tournament-series/XgDOyjteLfjjpoOYXGQo

To learn more about how USA BASS supports kayak fishing, and to see past team members, visit: https://usabass.org/

For any inquiries regarding the event, email Amanda Brannon or Richard Penny: uskftevent@usangling.org

About the Anglers

Jody Queen is sponsored by Baits Reels, Z-Man, Hobie Eyewear, Dakota Lithium, Cashion Rods, Hobie Fishing, YakAttack, Fishing On-Line, Ketch Products, Sniper Marine and Torqeedo Motors.

Richard Penny is the owner of Penny Outdoors, serving as an independent sales rep for: Jackson Kayak, Orion Coolers, Badfish SUP, Bending Branches/Aquabound, Suspenz, Eddyline Kayaks, and Astral.

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