It is now the Ketch Challenge Series powered by Dakota Lithium. Yes, that Ketch – the company who makes the measuring boards we all know and love. Icons of kayak fishing.

Like KBF, Ketch Products grows the sport through its innovative range of community outreach and sponsorship programs. In addition to innovating kayak fishing products (like its recent selection of custom parts and accessories) and supporting top anglers through the Ketch Pro Team, the company also invests at the grassroots level. As Ketch President Duke Weskamp surveys a complex, changing sport, he sees Ketch and the Challenge Series as a perfect match. In his words:

“We’ve all been obsessed with the top of the sport, but a lot of people start with the KBF Challenge Series. That’s the grassroots of the sport. When the younger, new guys practice in the on-line series, it’s practice for live events, too, and that makes it less intimidating when they show up to compete in person.”

And, Duke noted, Ketch products will continue to support the sport at the grassroots level: “We started in 2018 doing discount codes for local trails, and we’ve grown and supported series over time, like with our trophy manufacturing. Something new we are testing in 2024 is an influencer program for clubs, too.”

With all of that investment in the people in our sport, it’s hard to imagine how Ketch manages continual product innovation. But if you know Duke, you know he is always working at it. From the Ketch Kart to motor mounts and accessories, the Ketch brand is constantly providing anglers with new rigging, the industry standard for measuring boards, and more.

And Ketch Products makes one more thing – the trophy that the champion of the Dakota Lithium Challenge Series KBF The TEN will lift to the sky in Alabama this October.

Indiana’s Mike Elsea with a Ketch trophy.

The Ketch Challenge Series: What Is it?

The Ketch Challenge Series is an on-line fishing series that runs from March through September, providing a flexible venue for competitive kayak fishing at the grassroots level. The series has a monthly structure that invites anglers to fish home waters and learn how to fish from a kayak in a virtual environment, thereby practicing the rules of and art of Catch-Photo-Release kayak fishing.

The Ketch Challenge Series also provides qualifying opportunities for end-of-the-season championship events. As such, the Ketch Challenge Series provides multiple opportunities to maximize:

  • Competition and participation on local waters
  • Earn prizes
  • Compete for State Points titles
  • Earn qualifying spots for national events such as the KBF National Championship and KBF Challenge Series Championship

And for 2024, KBF has added a new step: compete in the KBF Ketch Challenge Series Championship and you might qualify for the Dakota Lithium Challenge Series The TEN in Alabama this coming October.

That’s right – in 2024, Kayak Bass Fishing has revamped the Ketch Challenge Series, and it now will have its own version of the KBF TRAIL Series The TEN powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries.

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Note: The author of this article is a member of the Ketch Pro Team.


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Note: The author of this article is a member of the Ketch Pro Team.

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