The 2024 knuklhed Bass Fishing Series events are KBF Members Only Catch, Photo, and Release tournaments.


TEAM Captains will run an online qualification challenge series for a four-month period from May to August. The challenge format is best five fish length total.  Each challenge is for 30 days and the winner of each event will qualify to become a member of that TEAM. Competitors are allowed to compete in two events each month and will be required to choose a team if they happen to win both. Competitors that have won an event and selected a TEAM are prohibited from competing in the remaining knuklhed bass series events. Events will be conducted in compliance with KBF RULES and STANDARDS. The sole exception(s) to these rules are those pertaining to watercraft. Bank, shore and wade fishing will be permitted for all non-kayak competitors. Each TEAM will consist of five members (TEAM Captain plus each monthly challenge winner). Competitors that compete from the bank or by wade fishing will be required to participate in a kayak for the knuklhed bass series CHAMPIONSHIP. 

FishOPS Fan FishOFF

All competitors that submit a five-fish limit over the course of the four-month challenge series will qualify to fish in the FishOPS Fan FishOFF on Saturday October 5th, 2024. There will be a $25 fee for this event and competitors will be fishing for the biggest two bass total with the winner taking home $1000 along with a Big Fish Prize package and tons of giveaway prizes exclusively from those participating in this event. 


Each CHALLENGE winner will qualify to fish as a member of that Captain’s TEAM to compete for their share of $10,000 in Huntsville, Alabama on October 5-6th, 2024. For 2024, the two day event will include all teams for both days and the $10,000 Payout will be divided as follows: 1st Place $5000, 2nd Place $3000 and 3rd Place $2000.

(Payouts may increase and include additional places will be based on overall participation

The payouts for the knuklhed bass fishing series Championship (HERO CUP) will be shared amongst the members of the team and the TEAM Captain is not included in the payout. TEAM Captains may add additional opportunities and compensation at their discretion. 

Additional incentives and prize structure will be decided by the individual TEAM Captain and promoted through their social platforms and/or website(s).


  • Each entry fee is $25.00 with $1.00 from each entry covering payment processing and administrative costs and $10.00 going towards the guaranteed prize purse. 

    NOTE: Each Captain will receive $14.00 per entry and will utilize that as they see fit to reinvest in prizes, cover marketing or promotional costs and/or choose a charity to support through their individual series. 


Read before registering for any KBF Competitive Event and signing this agreement.