Milton Fills Limits, Wins in Final Three Minutes

Indiana kayak angler Samual “Adam” Murray (IN) found a concentration of mid-size bass on a 300-yard long section of Cutright on Lake Monroe, near Bloomington, Indiana. As lake surface temperatures crept upward to 89°F, bass pounded his Jack Hammer when it bumped into small stobs and stumps in a foot and a half of water. Adam concentrated on wind-driven current breaks to find the fish. Before the action died, he had built up a formidable lead that held up throughout most of the day.

With only four minutes remaining in competition, his 4-inch lead over Bryan Sparks (IN) seemed secure. Concluding he’d cinched First Place in both the KBF TRAIL tournament and in GRBY (Grass Roots Bass Yakkers) competition, Adam called his girlfriend to begin the celebration. In doing so, however, Adam fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia,” but only slightly less well known is this: Never count Cody Milton out when AOY Points are on the line!

With a scant three minutes remaining on the game clock, Cody, 2018 KBF ANGLR of the Year, connected with his fifth and final fish of the day, a nineteen inch largemouth that catapulted him from Tenth to First Place. His photo was taken at 1:55:38, and he uploaded the photo a minute later.

That, friends, is the CPR tournament verion of a photo finish!

Astonishing as it might be to KBF veterans, this may be Cody’s first KBF TRAIL Series Tournament win. Congratulations to Cody and to Adam Murray as well for his GRBY win and Second Place finish here. Here are final results from today’s Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournament presented by Dee Zee Truck Accessories at Lake Monroe near Bloomington, IN:

  1. Cody Milton (AR) 82.00 inches: $2280.43
  2. Samuel (Adam) Murray (IN) 80.25 inches: $524.08
  3. Bryan Sparks (IN) 76.25 inches: $50
  4. Matt Ball (OH) 72.00 inches
  5. Mike Elsea (IN) 70.25 inches
  6. Jimmy Mcclurkan (TN) 63.00 inches: $100
  7. Roy Grubb (AR) 47.00 inches: $50
  8. Alan Reed (IN) 33.75 inches: $50
  9. Anthony Winkleman (KY) 26.75 inches
  10. George Nemeth (OH) 21.50 inches: $50
  11. Jason Cassetty (IN) 17.50 inches
  12. Basil Chip Romanovich (IN) 17.00 inches
  13. Scott Drescher (IN) 14.75 inches
  14. Sam Jones (IN) 14.50 inches
  15. Ryan Thompson (MN) 13.5 inches
  16. Justin Staley (IN) 0 inches
  17. Steven Martin (IN) 0 inches
  18. Joshua Poling (WV) 0 inches
  19. Jack Wagner (TX) 0 inches

KBF Big Bass Brawl — With only 20 anglers, all the payouts were distributed as hourly prizes. Jimmy McClurkan won the Golden Hour’s $100 cash prize. George Nemeth’s Hour 4 21.50″ bass remained biggest of the day.

Mystery Bass — would have been a 12.50″ bass in Hour 4, but no KBF BONUS BUCKS program participant had a fish matching that, so the $250 rolls on East/West Harbors, the next TRAIL Series event, where another $50 will be added.

Let’s extend our thanks to Derek Akin, North-Central Regional Coordinator and to Matt Kiefer, Tournament Coordinator, as well as to Amanda Brannon, Judge for today’s event.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to Bloomington, Indiana for hosting our event (Visit Bloomington) and to SIYAK (Southern Indiana Yak Anglers Klub) for taking the steps necessary to get this KBF event in their state and supporting it.

Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments presented by Dee Zee Truck Accessories in the North-Central Region are made possible by support from Bonafide Kayaks

Other Official Sponsors of the KBF TRAIL Series are:

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  • Diatract Sense Surge Technology
  • Power-Pole Total Boat Control
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  • ProTechNet, Secure Your Kayak and Gear
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