Manufacturers' Money

Rewards for Using World-Class Products

KBF is proud to partner with the top manufacturers across our sport to offer additional rewards for using their products.

Manufacturers’ Money Companies

  • KBF Bonus Bucks – $5000
  • Wilderness Systems – $3,000
  • Bass Militia – $3,000
  • Doomsday Tackle – $2,500
  • Bending Branches – $1,500
  • RAM – $1,000
  • CONSEAL – $1,000
  • YakAttack – $1,000
  • FiN Crazy – $500
  • The Fish Grip – $500
  • All Pro Rods – $500

Look for this seal for eligible products.

To be eligible to claim Manufacturers’ Money for any of the sponsoring companies:

  1. You must have a functional product with you during at least one day of KBF OPEN tournament competition.
  2. The product must be functional. These include HOOK 1 shirts and hats when they are a product that the company is in business to sell. Promotional items (e.g., key fobs, can koozies, decals, patches, insignia on tournament jerseys, hats and shirts from companies that are not in the apparel sales business) do not qualify.
  3. Free sample swatches (e.g. a free scrap of CONSEAL applied on the gunwale to serve as a paddle pad) do not qualify.
  4. You must either have purchased the manufacturer’s product or received it as a gift.
  5. Products provided to manufacturers’ Pro Staff Members do qualify. They are not actually gifts but are provided as part of a compensation package or benefit for services rendered. For example, a Wilderness Systems Pro Staff member may claim his Ride 135 even if were provided to him by the company for the work he’s done in promoting the company’s sales.)

How this pays off for you…

The competitor who places first in the 2-day competition gets first crack at Manufacturers Money.

At the awards ceremony, he will be given opportunity to verify that he uses products by each of the companies at left.

If he had a Bending Branches paddle on his kayak during the competition, then he gets the Bending Branches money.

If he demonstrates that he had his All Pro Rod with him during the competition, then All Pro Rods Manufactuers’ Money goes to him, too.

One by one, though all seven companies, his earnings mount each time he demonstrates or verifies that he had those products with him in competition.

Next up is the second place finisher. Any Manufacturers’ Money company that wasn’t a part of the Champion’s arsenal is still in play, so if #2 used products during competition with any of those unclaimed prizes, then that angler gets the payout.

#3 gets a shot at what’s left, then #4, and so on until all Manufacturers’ Money has been awarded.

So bottom line, Manufacturers’ Money goes to the highest placing angler using those products in competition. Not necessarily both days, but at least on one of the two days. Everyone fishes day two, and all the money is still in play on day two.


Kris finishes in first place and it’s verified that he used products from Wilderness Systems, HOOK 1, RAM, YakAttack, Bending Branches, and CONSEAL. That adds $10,000 to his First Place winnings.

All Pro Rods, Doomsday Turtle, and The Fish Grip Manufacturers’ Money are still up for grabs.

Pete finishes in second place. Fortunately for Pete, who already had a Fish Grip, he bought an All Pro Rod Thursday evening before Day 1, and then he bought a few packs of Doomsday Turtles Friday evening to use on Day 2. Having those three in his kayak during competition nets him $3,500 on top of his Second Place cash prize.

If Pete had not bought those Doomsday Turtles, though, that Manufacturers’ Money would be offered to Bob, who is in third place, and then to the fourth place finisher, and so on down the line.

Too bad Kris didn’t have products from all seven companies with him as he fished the OPEN. Not only would he have taken all the Manufacturers’ Money, but he’d have made a “CONSEAL Clean Sweep,” which would have heaped additional money on his plate!