First, KBF brought in an iconic industry sponsor for 2024.

And then we added a new championship round to the Ketch KBF Challenge Series Championship.

Now, we get back to a format that is tested and true: KBF MAYhem.

What does it mean? It means that in the month of May, anglers who compete in Kayak Bass Fishing events will qualify for the 2025 KBF National Championship at a 50% clip. That’s right – register, fish and if you are in the top half of the leaderboard when it is over, you qualify. That includes not only Ketch Challenge Series events but also every other KBF event in the month of May (River Series, Knuklhed, KBF TRAIL at Santee Cooper, etc)

The Ketch Challenge Series: What is it?

The KBF Challenge Series is an on-line fishing series. The idea is to provide a flexible venue for competitive kayak fishing at the grassroots level. The series invites anglers to fish home waters and learn how to fish from a kayak in a virtual environment, practicing the rules of and art of Catch-Photo-Release kayak fishing.

The Series also provides qualifying opportunities for end-of-the-season championship events. As such, the Challenge Series provides multiple opportunities to maximize:

  • Competition and participation on local waters
  • Earn prizes
  • Compete for State Points titles
  • Earn qualifying spots for national events such as the KBF National Championship and KBF Challenge Series Championship

And for 2024, KBF has added a new step: compete in the KBF Ketch Challenge Series Championship and you might qualify for the Dakota Lithium Challenge Series The TEN in Alabama this coming October.

That’s right – in 2024, Kayak Bass Fishing has revamped the Ketch Challenge Series, and it now will have its own version of the KBF TRAIL Series The TEN powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries.

Additional Info

Click here to register for the May frame of the Ketch Challenge Series Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries.

For more details about the Ketch Challenge Series, visit

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For information about the KBF Championships in Huntsville, AL, this October, visit:

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