KBF Members seeking an edge in competition routinely upgrade their rods, reels, lines, lures, kayak fishing gear and SONAR units. Some step up to new kayaks. Others mount electric motors so they can go farther, faster, and reach more productive waters.

KBF rules impose some limits in terms of thrust or horsepower permitted in its events. If the manufacturer’s restrictions are printed on a metail or vinyl capacity plate on the hull, then motors mounted on the kayak cannot exceed them, and in any case must be under 3HP or 155 foot-pounds thrust.

Two manufucturers have tested Torqeedo 1103 AC motors with their hulls and determined that they pose no undue risk. Both NuCanoe and Hobie have issued clarifications, exceptions, or updates that authorize users of certain of their kayaks to be used iwth the Torqeedo 1103.

Links to images of new capacity plates/decals or to their websites are now  provided in KBF Competition Rules Standard. See Rule 8.C.ii.: kayakbassfishing.com/kbf-rules-standard

KBF recommends that competitors who use electric motors that exceed the maximums printed on the watercraft’s capaity plate print and carry copies of the updated decals/plates and/or documentation with them in case of a U.S. Coast Guard inspection.