2020 New England KBF Partner Trail Series

2020 New England Launches Partner Pilot Series

Qualifying events for:

  • KBF National Championship
  • KBF Partner Championship
  • KBF TRAIL Series Regional Final
  • KBF Partner Championship

KBF Ambassador, KBF Competitor, KBF Pro, or KBF Lifetime Membership required to compete

  • Stop 1. Lake George, NY, May 23rd | Details/Rules | Leader Board | Results
  • Stop 2. Great Pond, Maine, June 6th | Details/Rules | Leader Board | Results
  • Stop 3. Charles River, Mass, August 1st | Details/Rules | Leader Board | Results
  • Series Championship | Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, August  22nd | Details/Rules | Leader Board | Results


How do I qualify for the New England KBF Partner Trail Championship?

Finish in the top 30% of any of the three New England KBF Partner Trail Series events, or earn 1000 Points or more in your top two finishes. (Each event awards 600 points for First Place, 595 for Second, 590 for Third, etc.)

What are the Entry Fees?
  • $50 for each of the three Trail Series stops
  • $75 for the Championship
  • $10 to get in a Big Bass Side Pot.
What does the Big Bass Side Pot pay out?

100% payout:

  • 50% for Biggest Bass
  • 30% for Second Biggest Bass
  • 20% for Third Biggest Bass

Ties are broken by photo upload time.

What is the KBF Partner Championship?

It’s October 26-27 on the Red River, Caddo Lake and Cross Lake near Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana. The KBF Challenge Championship is the same weekend at the same place, so why not qualify for both?

$5 from each KBF Ambassador membership is going into the prize pot. That plus entry fees should make it over a $50,000 payday.

One can qualify for this Championship ONLY though KBF Partner competition; not through KBF Challenges or Tournaments. KBF Membership is not required to qualify but is to compete in the event. Ambassador-level ($25/year) is sufficient.

What other events can I qualify for in each of these Partner Trail Series tournaments?

All New England Partner Trail Series events:

  • Top 10%/Minimum 10 Qualify for KBF Partner Championship
  • Top 10%/Minimum 10 Qualify for KBF National Championship
  • Top 30%/Minimum 20 Qualify for New England Partner Trail Series Championship
  • And, if you earn 1,000 or more points in your two top stops, you qualify for the Series Championship

Plus, at the Championship:

  • Top 10%/Min 10 Qualify for KBF TRAIL Series Northeast Regional Championship