2021 KBF Partner Program Overview

Partner with KBF:

  1. Together we can advance the sport of kayak bass fishing.
  2. Membership growth helps develop resources and opportunities that enables KBF and Partners to achieve their goals.
  3. Improve the benefits of competition through increased rewards for participation and better return on investment for sponsors.

How does my club benefit from Partnership?

  1. Sponsorships: KBF will leverage its relationships to help partners develop support for their organization and events.
  2. Resources; KBF develops templates, programs and other valuable resources to save Partners time and money.
  3. Opportunities: Qualify your members for KBF National Level events and series’ through your events.
  4. Insurance: KBF provides insurance for Partner organizations for their events through our partnership with the NATA (North American Tournament Association), the fishing industry’s best Event Liability Insurance Program. KBF facilitates Certificates of Insurance (COI) for Partner Groups for their events.
  5. Input: KBF Partner leaders serve as KBF advisors and represent their members’ views in formulating and reviewing KBF rules revisions, formats, programs and plans.

Get Started! 

If you are ready to start or renew your partnership with KBF, here are your next steps:

  1. Complete a Partner Profile form so KBF has current organization and contact info. [Link]
  2. Complete a 2021 KBF Strategic Partner Agreement. [Link]
  3.  We encourage Partners to display the KBF Partner logo on your website, event banners, and/or social media.
  4. Promote kayak fishing in a positive way so that we grow the sport together.

That’s It! Welcome to the KBF Family.

Questions? Email Terry Russell at KBF and he will get back to you as soon as he gets off the water.

KBF Partner FAQ

Does a KBF Partner pay KBF anything?

No. Organizations pay no charge to become KBF Partners.

KBF covers its operational and administrative costs through membership fees, sales of merchandise, and sponsorship and venue host revenues. It pays out more than 100% of Entry and Registration Fees each year

Must KBF Partner's members or participants still supply their own liability insurance?

KBF’s Event Liability Insurance covers the organization and its leaders, organizers, and directors for claims by third parties. Each individual member is protected against claims by the liability insurance that is part of their homeowners or renters insurance. It also covers claims against the organization and its leaders by competitors and their families, but the limits are lower.

In today’s litigious climate, it’s a good idea to be covered by a liability insurance policy. The individual insurance mandate for bass tournament participants grew out of bassboat competition and out of whitewater kayaking competition. Some venues require that all organizing groups present proof of liability insurance coverage and that they be provided with a Certificate of Insurance that names them as co-insured on the policy.

NATA’s liability insurance policy covers KBF, KBF Partner organizations and their officers and directors against claims by third parties (also by club participants or members) arising out of loss or injuries at any event, not limited to competitive events. Every homeowner’s or Renter’s policy has a liability insurance component that provides liability protection, which covers individuals within the organization.

If an angler gets injured or killed in a club-sponsored event, or if property is damaged as a result of an organization’s activities, the venue host, club, its organizers, the TD, and KBF will, in all likelihood, be named in lawsuits brought by the injured parties or the surviving family members. NATA’s Event Liability Insurance Policy pays for legal defense and of any judgment, up to one million dollars per claim with no aggregate limit for claims by third parties; less for claims by group members.

Can KBF Partners use the KBF Identifier Form for their own events?

Yes, you may. KBF provides links to a single form or 8 to a page. Both as PDF files, so you can print off and cut out several before you need them. KBF will also have them pre-printed on card stock for KBF tournaments and will make them available to KBF Partners, too.

KBF Event Liability Insurance
KBF Event Liability Insurance

2020 KBF Partner Status Chart (Updated 12/19/2019)

ADK KBF 12/19/19   12/19/19 Yes    
BCKBS 12/11/19   12/11/19 No    
BKBF     1/27/20 Yes    
BKFT 1/10/20   1/10/20 Yes    
BPKF 10/1/19          
BYA YES          
BYC 8/26/19          
CAFKG 1/2/20   1/2/20 Yes    
CCKA 2/4/20   2/4/20 No    
CJKBFC 10/23/19   12/5/19 Yes    
CKA 10/29/19          
CKFC 12/12/19   12/12/19 Yes    
CKT 9/13/19          
CMKA 9/24/19          
CTKA 12/10/19   12/10/19 Yes    
DMVBYC 12/4/19   12/4/19 Yes    
ECGKA 9/4/19   12/13/19 Yes    
FHKA 12/17/19   12/17/19 Yes    
FIF 12/6/19   12/6/19 Yes    
FofMKF 8/26/19          
GLKFS 1/11/20   1/11/20 Yes    
GOKF 11/3/19          
GRBY 12/13/19   12/18/19 Yes Strunk  
GSKA 12/12/19   12/12/19 Yes    
HVKBF 12/4/19          
IAKA 10/22/19          
IKA 8/27/19          
KAA 1/18/20   1/22/20      
KAMO 11/30/19   12/1/19 Yes    
KBAM 12/3/19   1/3/20      
KBFTN 12/19/19   12/19/19 Yes Morris  
KFI 9/3/19          
KFNW 11/9/19          
KFU 10/23/19          
KPR 12/4/19       Brooke  
Ky-Yak 10/9/19          
LIKBF     12/5/19 Yes    
MAKB 8/27/19          
MI-OH 9/3/19          
MKT 11/27/19   12/23/19 Yes    
MoYak 11/27/19   11/27/19 Yes    
MYA 8/26/19       Gardner  
NEBASSIN 9/13/19          
NEKKA 10/3/19          
NETKA 10/22/19          
NIPSFA 12/3/19          
NJKBFC 12/11/19   12/11/19 Yes    
NKA 11/30/19          
NSKA-C 9/20/19          
NSKA-NWA 12/2/19          
NTXKC 12/4/19          
NVKBA 1/26/20   1/26/20 Yes    
OKA 10/2/19          
OSKB 11/29/19   12/18/19 Yes LaCasse  
PK 9/30/19          
PSKBFT 12/5/19   12/5/19 Yes    
RIKB 1/16/20   1/16/20 Yes    
RKKF 9/23/19          
RYF 9/21/19          
SCKA 10/24/19          
SEKYBFT 1/2/20   1/2/20 Yes    
SIKC 8/26/19          
SIYAK 10/30/19          
SMTNKA 12/2/19          
SWVKA 12/4/19          
TCKA 12/21/19          
TLW 12/7/19   12/13/19 Yes    
TNKATT 9/3/19          
TW 12/23/19   12/23/19 Yes    
VKT 12/6/19   12/6/19 Yes    
WISCO BASS 10/15/19   12/21/19 Yes    
WTBY 1/8/20   No No    
WVKA 12/14/19          
YAB 1/26/20