Kayak Bass Fishing [KBF] works with dozens of trails and clubs across North America, offering material support, community, qualifying opportunities and more. In one foundational way, KBF is a society of kayak anglers who organize clubs, compete and build the community to the national fishing phenomenon it has become. Those clubs and trails are the AmBASSador programs who are participating in a new championship event – the AmBASSador Series Championship powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries, hosted by the city of Huntsville, Alabama.

When Kayak Bass Fishing moved its headquarters to Huntsville in 2022, Chad Hoover told a local news reporter from AL.com that kayak fishing ““[is] probably the most social type of fishing that I’ve ever been involved in.” What better way to start KBF’s Huntsville chapter than to invite anglers and club-based teams from its grassroots partner organizations to fish a special first tournament on some of the best Largemouth bass fisheries in the country?

And what is more social than holding a team event?

Team events are not new to Kayak Bass Fishing. In fact, KBF has offered a team component in its National Championship since 2019. That event, known as the Top Team Cup, is driven by sponsor brands and manufacturers (the teams are formed by the brands). The AmBASSador Series Championship has primarily drawn teams of anglers from the club level, emphasizing camaraderie as well as commerce.

One of those is the team that features long time KBF angler John Rapp. He represents the West Virginia Kayak Anglers, and their AmBASSador Series club team is sponsored Feel Free Kayaks. The team arrived early to scout the lakes. As Rapp told KBF:

“Three of us came down on Monday and the fourth angler will be down later this week. I fished Guntersville last July, too. I caught both quality and quantity on the lake. My teammate Jerry [Spradling] had a good day of pre-fishing today when we arrived, too.”

Rapp reinforced the social element of the sport, too:

“I looking forward to hanging out with the guys. We have all new kayaks we are breaking in, and we are getting rigged to fish the season. We are thankful that KBF provides us an avenue to come together as a group through the AmBASSador Series, especially on these world class fisheries.”

Two teams representing Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing at the AmBASSador Series Championship (photo courtesy of LIKBF).

Chad Hoover also noted the social emphasis of team-based competition in the AmBASSador Series Championship:

“Kayak fishing is more social than other kinds of fishing, so I wanted to create a competition format that incentivized the social side. For me, the team concept is also a way for individual anglers to improve, too, because the team concept helps them with lodging and travel, but also breaking down water and sharing ideas.”

Individual anglers are not exempt from the AmBASSador Series Championship. If you wish to attend, you can register to compete for a sizable prize amount on the individual competitive side, too.

In sum, the first ever AmBASSador Series Championship extends KBF’s commitment to promoting the kayak fishing community in a competitive environment, with emphasis on socializing as well as competition. The event also previews future tournaments that KBF is organizing in the Huntsville, AL around, around its new Alabama headquarters.

Be sure to tune in for Chad Hoover’s discussion of the tournament on the KBF Facebook page on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 at 7 pm (EST) for more details.

Additional Info

Click here to register for the KBF AmBASSador Series Championship powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries.

John Rapp hosts the Rusty Hook podcast. He is sponsored by Feel Free Kayak, Yak Gadget, Ace Adventure Resort, Westbrook Supply Co, Z-Pro Lithium Batteries and Payne Outdoors.

Visit Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing  for more info about their tournament series.

For travel info, visit the Huntsville Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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First Published March 14, 2023.

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