Skipping – in the right situation, it is the best casting technique. It also requires making choices. Skipping around docks, for instance, requires that you bypass a good place to get that lure as far back as possible, to a better place.

When the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship skipped a year in 2023, we all missed a good spot, and a great event. But the National Championship is a spring-time tournament, and after three years of pandemic-related disruptions, KBF had to bring the event back on that springtime schedule. So we skipped a year; now it’s time to start over.

For the first time since 2020, the Yak Attack KBF National Championship powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries will be held in Alabama, and for the first time in five years, the KBF National Championship will be held in the spring.

This time, it’s back to basics. There will be no concurrent Top Team Cup, no Trail Series Championship or Challenge Series Championship (those are now held in October, followed by the two KBF The TEN events). There will be the National Championship, for three days in Alabama, at the peak of the spawn on two legendary bass fisheries: Lakes Wheeler and Guntersville.

Qualified Anglers

Anglers often ask: “How do I know if I am qualified?” There is a link in the Fishing Chaos event description to a list of qualified anglers, but if you qualified in the top 25% of any KBF event in 2023, you qualified. Also, if you were in the top 50% of any KBF event in the month of May (a.k.a. MAYhem) in 2023, you are qualified.

Finally, KBF AmBASSador organizations also qualify KBF members through their trails. Each club determines its own qualifying criteria, so check with your club.

You can also go to this link:

Event Details

The 2024 KBF National Championship takes place on April 3 and 4. The top 100 will fish on day 3 (April 5) for the championship.

Awards will take place on Saturday, April 6, after the end of the first KBF Trail (A KBF Trail will be held on April 6 and 7). That’s five days of competition and community with your fellow KBF anglers.

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Additional Info

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For more event details, watch Chad Hoover explain the event in minutes 9-12 of this video:

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