As part of the company’s move to Huntsville, Alabama, Kayak Bass Fishing has begun building a new multi-purpose space that will function as a headquarters, media center and a place for kayak anglers to stop by and rig their boats. The new headquarters is a cornerstone of a project that will make Huntsville KBF’s base of operations and a meeting place for kayak anglers from across the region and country.

The HQ is located at Ditto Landing on the Tennessee River. Huntsville is developing a plan that integrates paddlesports and kayak fishing into a new design for the marina space, and KBF is a part of that future.

In a recent video, Chad Hoover offered a walk-through of the initial work, and we highlight some features in this blog post….

Creative Solutions

The exterior of the building has been painted and decorated with the KBF seal. But if you look at the side panels, you will see blank space where windows used to be. As Chad Hoover remarked, “We had zero-budget for this, so it’s basically community built.” Because of the fiscal constraints on the work, Hoover found creative uses for simple features. For example, when sealing windows on the building’s exterior, Hoover converted the space into signage space for KBF events, as shown below.

Exterior of the new KBF HQ in Huntsville, AL

New Uses for Old Spaces

The building interior will feature office space, a loading bay, workshop areas and a front entrance. In order to build those spaces, Hoover and a crew of volunteers that includes Ryan Rice from RJM Fish Tales had to seal old windows, tear out an old kitchen and more.

In doing so, they created an interior space that will serve as a media center for KBF podcasts and videos production. A work in progress, the studio is decorated with banners and signage from famous KBF events such as Dee Zee KBF the TEN and the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship. Hoover described these as “motivation” as the company reinvents itself.

Work in progress: the new KBF podcast studio in Huntsville, AL.

Additional Info

To date, Chad Hoover has posted two update videos from the work site. The work is currently ongoing, so stay tuned to Chad Hoover’s video channel for updates, and more!

Progress Update Video 2 :

Click here to learn more about Ditto Landing in Huntsville, AL

First Published April 22, 2023

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