KBF Prize Claims Form

Congratulations on winning! Now, to get your prize to you....

Congratulations on being selected for a prize or winning an award. To make sure we get your prize processed as quickly as possible (and get it to the right person), please fill out and submit the form below. All fields are required, so provide as complete information as you can.

Prize Claims Form

  • Name of person to whom a prize or award will be mailed.
  • What email address should we use to reach you with questions? (The same one as you use in the KBF Store, preferably.)
  • At what number can we reach you? (Required for some shippers.)
  • On what date were you awarded your prize? (If not sure, approximate.)
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Promotional event, contest, or competition in which the prize was awarded (e.g., "Chad's audible give-away," "Facebook Measurement Pop Quiz," "KBF HOW Charity Challenge").
  • Who awarded you the prize (Chad? Event TD?)
  • What was the product or prize awarded to you? If applicable, include specifics like size, color, and length.