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Kayak Bass Fishing Overview

The nation's largest, fastest-growing, and most rewarding kayak fishing tours
Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

Kayak Bass Fishing exists to promote participation in kayak fishing and advancements in technology, materials, and techniques that benefit kayak anglers. It offers more opportunities for kayak anglers to excel in competition at every level, more exciting events, and more cash and prizes than exists anywhere, within striking distance of home, and with an outfit that delivers more benefits and rewards than any other kayaking organization on the water.

The road to the annual KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP goes through local and regional clubs, tours, and events that partner with Kayak Bass Fishing. Anglers can qualify on their home waters through participation in KBF Partner competition as well as through KBF State Challenges, KBF Opens, and KBF Trail Regional Tournaments and year-end Classic.

Anglers who distinguish themselves through service, competition, and contributions are invited to compete in the annual KBF Invitational.

KBF Invitational
KBF Partner Tours, Clubs, and Events
KBF OPEN Series Events
Kayak Bass Fishing Trail
KBF State Challenge Shield