The purpose of having a KBF RALLY is to provide an opportunity for anglers to get together and share their passion for kayak fishing. The idea is to provide a series of events (long term) that will serve as regional get togethers to provide the foundation for grassroots information exchange, rigging clinics and seminars and other opportunities for anglers to share, learn and grow as kayak anglers and ambassadors for the sport. A primary focus of these events will be to foster Youth, Education and Safety information sharing.

DAY ONE: Thursday 

  • Participants get together for socializing and pre-event set up. Locations for each rally will be detailed in the event page.
  • Dinner and an open bar provided from 6:00 PM– 8:00 PM.

DAY TWO: Friday  – Fishing and Seminars.

  • A morning fishing session and demo opportunity will allow everyone the opportunity for some time on the water, camaraderie and a chance to check out kayaks and rigging ideas from other anglers.
  • A light lunch will be provided along with the kick off of Day 1 seminars before an evening fishing/demo session.  
  • DAY 2 SEMINARS  – Introduction to Kayak Fishing, Kayak Fishing 101, Intermediate Kayak Fishing – Rigging and Setup

DAY THREE: Saturday – More Fishing and Seminars

  • Breakfast. Short Meeting to cover agenda before heading to the water.
  • A light lunch will be provided midday with afternoon fishing seminars and instructions from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.
  • Dinner and Prize Giveaways from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.

DAY FOUR: Sunday Dec 3 – Departure

  • Breakfast, final prize giveaways and departure preparation and/or fishing.
  • DAY 4  SEMINARS – TBD based on interest  

Featured Seminar Topics

SWATT – Tactical Approach to Fishing

  • Seasonal Progression
  • Weather
  • Astrological (Solunar) Data
  • Temperature
  • Trends

Electronics – Breaking Down the Variables

  • Knowing Your Unit
  • Comprehending the Data
  • Electronic Buoys
  • Best Resources for Improving Your Knowledge
  • Connecting the Dots – Literally
  • Virtual Scouting – Get on the Couch
  • Crumb Trails
  • The Aftermath

Developing and Recognizing Patterns

  • Determine a Starting Point (And Time)
  • Right Place – Right Time
  • Eliminating Water
  • Circle Back – Fishing Schooling Fish
  • Sun Angle
  • Positioning Yourself
  • Look, Listen, Cast
  • Making Adjustments

Breaking Down Water

  • Top to Bottom
  • Cover and Structure – Identifying Key Targets
  • Putting it Together
  • Cast, Catch – Repeat?

Understanding and Reading Maps – Pre-Trip Planning

  • Understanding Maps
  • Finding Funnels and Choke Points
  • Key Characteristics and Features
  • Structure
  • Planning a Route – Take it To the Water

Group Round Table Q&A Topics

  • Advanced Strategies
  • Leap Frog Effect
  • Solunar Strategies
  • Tackle Modification Strategies
  • Selecting the Right Hook, Line and Terminal Tackle
  • Rod and Reel Selection

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