In January 2019, KBF launched its saltwater tournaments with the KBF Redfish Challenge Series. Anglers compete in two divisions. From Key West, along Florida’s EAST coast and up the Atlantic Coast to Delaware and Maryland is the Atlantic Division. The Gulf Division includes the WEST coast of Florida, across the Gulf states to the southern tip of Texas. Ten monthly 3-fish CPR Challenges run January through October, culminating in the KBF Redfish Challenge Series Championship Presented by NRS in Palm Beach and the Flagler Beaches, Florida on Friday and Saturday, December 6-7. (See the roster of KBF Members qualified for that event on the KBF Rosters & Rankings web page.)


Cash Prizes — Of the $50 Entry Fee, $5 covers TourneyX fees and $5 event administrative fees, including credit card charges and judging. $10 builds the Championship prize pot. A portion of the remaining $30 is held back to be paid out as Divisional and National Angler of the Year cash prizes, with the rest paid out as Challenge cash prizes. [Open KBF Redfish Challenge Series Payout Chart.]

NINES See More, Catch More Prize—KBF is awarding to the KBF Members who take first place in each month’s divisional competition a FishUSA gift card redeemable for one pair of NINES Optics superior 100% polarized sunglasses with performance-enhancing lenses. NINES’ NIRTECH® (Near-infrared technology) lenses reduce glare, block blue light, and include unique heat-shield qualities that enable anglers to fish with greater comfort, greater eye-safety, and less eye-fatigue. Built with superior optics, the strongest materials & featuring New NIR + Blue light Heat Shield technology, you’ll see more, catch more with NINES.

Mystery Fish Prize—Each month a number from 16:00 to 26.75 will be generated at random, and if the KBF Redfish Challenge Division has fielded 20+ competitors, then the competitor with a fish remaining on the Lowrance Leader Board of that score (or closest to it) wins a $25 Gift Card. Ties are broken by photo upload time stamp.

Angler of the Year — Competitors receive up to 600 KBF Redfish Challenge Points at each Challenge and up to 1,200 Points in the Championship. The number of Points awarded to each competitor drops by 8 or less at each step in rank, the decrement being determined by number of registrants. Points from each competitor’s three best Challenges (plus Championship Points) are added together to determine final AOY ranking. Points awarded are reported about 48 hours after end-of-competition on the Challenge’s KBF Calendar Events Page (above the Rules Addendum), and series AOY points tallies and ranking appear as a PDF posted on this page.

Divisional Anglers of the Year receive checks for $500 at the Championship. Since 2019 is the series’ inaugural season, there will be no Rookie of the Year award. Divisional AOY first place ties will be broken based on Championship ranking. For example, if two competitors in the Gulf Division end the 2019 series tied for the top spot with the maximum 18,000 Challenge Points, the one who ranks highest at the Championship will be named Divisional AOY. Divisional Anglers of the Year will be recognized and receive their checks at the Championship. The 2019 KBF Redfish Challenge Angler of the Year will also be crowned at the Championship and receive a check for $2,000.

2019 KBF Redfish Challenge Series Championship

WHERE: Florida’s Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches
WHEN: December 6-7, 2019
HOST: VIsitFlagler.com

The top 10% of competitors from each month’s KBF Redfish Challenge (minimum 10 from each Challenge) qualify to compete in the 2019 KBF Redfish Challenge Series Championship, where first place is guaranteed $5,000. The total number of places paid out and amounts will be determined by Series participation throughout the season. In addition, all who finish in the top 100 by national KBF Redfish Challenge Points ranking—many of whom will have already qualified—will also be eligible to compete in the 2019 KBF Redfish Challenge Series Championship.

2020 KBF National Championship Qualification — At the 2019 KBF Redfish Challenge Series Championship, all who finish in the top 10 and who have fished at least one (1) KBF TRAIL Series Tournament or three (3) KBF State or Regional Challenges (bass) will qualify to compete in the 2020 KBF National Championship, a bass competition planned for Lake Guntersville, Alabama in March, 2020.

Rules & Standards

Challenges are run and judged by the KBF Competition Rules Standard and Event Rules Addenda (found in the KBF Event Calendar). Notable in these redfish events are these rules:

  • Redfish submitted in competition must be from 16.00″ up to (but not reaching) 27.00″.
  • As long as the redfish’s nose touches the measuring board fence, the mouth (which is below and behind the nose) may be open or closed.
  • Competitor’s hand in photos may not touch or cover any portion of the fish forward of the operculum (hard gill plate) or behind the anal fin (areas marked in red in the illustration below.)

redfish safe-touch zone

KBF Membership (Lifetime, Competitor or AmBASSador) is required for participation. Competitors may register for and compete in both Gulf and Atlantic Divisions.

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According to KBF Competition Rules Standard, a photo in which the redfish caudal fin (tail fin) touches or passes the 16.00″ line meets the minimum length requirement of the 16″-27″ slot limit. Photos in which the redfish’s caudal fin touches or passes the 27.00″ line are denied.

  • In Photo A, the caudal fin’s upper lobe tip touches the 16.00″ line, so the photo would be approved.
  • In Photo B the tail falls short of the 16.00″ line (even if it were it extended to the edges of the board), so that photo would be denied.
  • Photo C shows the lower lobe of the caudal fin touching the 27.00″ line, so judges would deny that photo.
  • Photo D has the caudal fin stopping just short of the 27.00″ line, so that photo is acceptable.

A Competitor’s hand cannot touch the fish back of the anal fin, but how the fish is positioned on the board, and how relaxed or spread the tail is during the photo, can make the difference between “accept” and “deny.”

2019 KBF Redfish Challenge Series

January through October 2019, with Series Championship in November