We all know an angler who has suffered this preventable fate: you fish all day and catch a great limit or a personal best, only to hear the splash of something falling into the water. It’s the sickening sound of your untethered phone going into the drink. Jackson Kayak Fishing Team pro Jason Gardner of Maine describes the feeling of losing a phone in the strongest terms: “Gut wrenching – I knew where it was but I couldn’t see it, and it meant my tournament was over.”

Kayak fishing and kayak tournament fishing rely on the new, more portable recording technologies integrated into smart phones. We use them to record our catches and get us home. But a lost phone can mean losing a record of a great catch, or more. A lost phone on tournament day can cost an angler a trophy, check and AOY points, or cause unnecessary worry among loved ones as the angler scrambles to replace a phone before getting in touch with them.

Fortunately, the stress, risk and expense of losing a phone on the water can all be eliminated with a simple investment in a phone tether.

Rogue Fishing sponsors the Kayak Bass Fishing Rookie of the Year race of the KBF Trail Series. KBF works with Rogue Fishing because many anglers rely on the company’s line of high quality kayak fishing accessories. Ask most anglers which non-fishing or non-safety related product is most essential, and many will say it is Rogue Fishing’s phone tether.

Product Choices

These are some of the common scenarios in which kayak anglers lose a phone:

  • While launching, they lean over and the phone slips out into the water
  • When standing up from a sitting position, a phone slips out of a pocket and falls into the water
  • When photographing a fish on a measuring board, the fish jumps and slaps the phone from the angler’s hand
  • When photographing a fish on a measuring board, an angler attempts to secure the fish with the phone in hand, and the phone falls into the water
  • When fishing from a standing position, an angler slips and falls into the water; the angler returns to the kayak, without the phone

Every one of these outcomes can be prevented with the simple purchase of a Rogue Fishing phone tether.

The Rogue Protector™ 3.0

The Rogue Protector™ 3.0 consists of a strong, flexible leash with a corrosion resistant ring that attaches the tether to a stainless steel plate. This plate is harnessed to the phone or phone casing using high grade elastic bands that wrap around the phone’s four corners. The phone is easily attached, but the elastic keeps it in a firm grip. It’s a simple design – more importantly, it is effective.

On the other end, the tether is attached to the angler. A sturdy carabiner clip and ring link the tether to an angler’s belt or PFD.  This allows for anglers to choose their optimal configuration, thereby limiting encumbrance and maximizing freedom of movement while fishing or taking photographs.

This short video demonstrates the strong phone-to-tether connection: https://youtu.be/9MM0vS0EsbA

Additionally, Rogue Fishing includes the Rogue Protector™ 3.0. in a variety of combo kits. These include other useful tethers and leashes for paddles, rods or measuring boards, making it easy for anglers to buy all of the attachments they need in one convenient package.

Adam Petrone is a decorated kayak tournament angler and he swears by his Rogue Fishing tethers. Petrone first used them at the 2021 edition of Dee Zee KBF THE TEN, an exclusive tournament. Rogue Fishing provided products to the qualifying anglers as part of their prize packs. In Petrone’s words:

“I use one Rogue Protector™ 3.0. for holding my phone in my NRS PFD and another to hold the phone when I video record on my Boom Stick. I won’t go on the water without at least two Rogue phone tethers, and won’t attach my Ketch Board with anything but the Rogue Titan leash. Their customer service is top notch, too, and the product will save you from a bad day on the water.”

Preventive add-ons to your fishing kayak provide stability, comfort, and safety. In the case of the Rogue Protector™ 3.0., the tether provides security for expensive technology. Pair it with a waterproof case, and your phone will be there when you need it.

Additional Info

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