presented by Hafaspot and KBF

2021 SEASONAL SHOWDOWN presented by Hafaspot and KBF

Overview: A CPR (Catch- Photo-Release*) bass tournament using the Hafaspot App. Each competitor’s score is the sum of the five longest fish caught.

How: Competitors sign up and submit photos of fish caught.  Anglers choose during registration which region(s). KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) rules apply, and a rules addendum below pertaining to bank and boat fishing.

Where: Nationwide

Entry Fee: $10.00
Big Bass option: $5.00

Eligibility: Open to all anglers in the 48 contiguous United States who comply with all applicable fishing & boating laws and regulations. All current Hafaspot Pro Staff are eligible to compete and are encouraged to invite non-Hafaspot Pro Staff Members. This competitive event is void where prohibited. Anglers are responsible for all applicable taxes and compliance with tax regulations. IRS Form W-9 will be required for winnings of $600 or more.

Acceptable Fish Species: all black bass species (e.g., largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass) twelve inches and up.

1st Quarter : Starts 12:00 AM UTC/7:00 AM GMT on Monday, March 15 and ends at 11:59 PM UTC/6:59 GMT on Monday, June 14th.
2nd Quarter: Starts 12:00 AM UTC/7:00 AM GMT on Tuesday, June 15  and ends at 11:59 PM UTC/6:59 GMT on Tuesday, September 14th.
3rd Quarter: Starts 12:00 AM UTC/7:00 AM GMT on Wednesday, September 15 and ends at 11:59 PM UTC/6:59 GMT on Tuesday, December 14th.
4th Quarter: Starts 12:00 AM UTC/7:00 AM GMT on Wednesday, December 15 and ends at 11:59 PM UTC/6:59 GMT on Monday, March 14th.

Payouts & Prizes

Based on the anglers highest 5-Bass Total Score each quarter.

  • 1st Place – Bonafide SS107 Fishing Kayak valued at $1349. (to be picked up from the closest Bonafide Dealer by the winner).
  • 2nd Place – $300.00
  • 3rd Place –  $200.00
  • 4th Place – $175.00
  • 5th Place – $150.00
  • 6th Place – $100.00
  • 7th Place – $50.00
  • 8th Place – $50.00
  • 9th Place – $50.00
  • 10th Place – $50.00

5 Fish Limit Drawing (10) – each angler not in the top ten, that submits a 5 fish limit will be entered into a drawing. Ten anglers will be drawn for prizes that include RS117, Ketch Boards, Hafaspot Apparel, Yeti Hopper, Tackle packages and much more.

Big Bass:  100% of Big Bass entries paid back per quarter

Overall Grand Prize – The angler who finishes the Tournament with the highest AOY points and who has fished all 4 quarters will win a Bonafide SS127. (to be awarded at the end of the 4th quarter on 3-15-2022.


Quarter 1 – Results
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4

Sign Up Process

  1. Sign up through the Hafaspot App . (Available for Android on Google Play and for iOS at the Apple App Store.
  2. Print a sheet of Hafapost or KBF ID Cards. [print]
  3. After signing up, the Event ID Code can be found at the bottom of the screen. The Angler ID Code will display after at the start of the tournament. Write the Event ID and Angler ID code on the ID Card.
  4. Make sure that card is in EVERY photo submitted for the Seasonal Showdown.


Official Rules and Conditions of Participation

  1. KBF Competition Rules Standard apply, with the exceptions listed below in the Bank & Boat Rules Addendum and Rules Addendum.
  2. All participants enter with the full knowledge and acceptance of these competition rules and standards and agree to abide by them in their entirety.
  3. All participants enter at their own risk and agree to the terms and provisions of the Waiver & Liability Release Agreement at the bottom of the KBF Competition Rules Standard and agree to not hold any person or entity in association with KBF and Hafaspot liable for any mishap or misfortune.
  4. All photos submitted to Hafaspot are considered property of Hafaspot and KBF.
  5. Ketch Measuring Boards and a Hawg Trough are the only approved measuring boards. The Golden Rule is not an approved measuring board.
  6. In accord with local fisheries management practices and if permitted by regulations, fish caught in competition may be harvested for consumption.
  7. A competitor’s score is the sum of the scores of the five (5) longest fish caught in accord with rules and submitted during competition.


Bank & Boat Rules Addendum


  1. If fishing from a boat, competitor must comply with all USCG, state and local regulations regarding lighting, signal devices, life jackets and flotation.
  2. Competitors in boats other than kayaks, canoes, SUPs, are required to have but not to wear at all times USGC-approved personal flotation device (PFD, i.e., lifejacket) during competition.
  3. Competitors fishing from the bank, (e.g., from the shore, a bridge, dock, or wading) are not required to have or wear a PFD if not mandated by local, state, or federal regulations.

Permissible Watercraft

  1. Motor restrictions and capacities for kayaks, canoes and SUPs are covered in KBF Competition Rules Standard. For all other boats, motor or propulsion unit must not exceed horsepower or thrust limits on the boat’s Capacity Plate.
  2. Participants in all categories are permitted to wade fish. Participants fishing in a Boat and/or Kayak must first be in the watercraft and then exit to wade. Bank category participants may simply step off the shore into the water.

Rules Addendum

Competition Overview

  1. This is a Catch-Photo-Release tournament for all black bass species caught in public waters only; fish are not required to be retained by competitors but may be released after photographs are taken. Beginning with the 3rd quarter, 9/15, the format will change to Catch-Video-Release.
    2. Restricted areas designated “Private,” “No Trespass,” or with similar postings are out-of-bounds; fish caught in those areas are ineligible to be submitted for competition.
    3. Scoring of photo submissions is based on fish length, not on weight, in quarter-inch increments on approved measuring boards listed below.
    4. The smallest length bass that may be submitted for scoring is 15.00”. Photos of bass shorter than the minimum will be denied. If deductions reduce a photo’s score to less than 15.00”, that photo will be denied.
    5. A competitor’s score is the sum of the lengths of his five (5) longest bass (highest-scoring photos) caught from eligible water during competition.Eligibility
    Registration is open to all anglers, no minimum age restriction.Registration
    1.  Free entry for Hafaspot premium members; all others $10.00 entry fee per quarter.
    2. Register on Hafaspot any time until December 1 to be eligible for quarterly prizes.
    3. Agree to abide by rules, terms and conditions, including terms and conditions of the Liability Release & Waiver Agreement
    4. Print and cut out an Event ID Card
    5. Upon registering, find the unique 4-character Event ID Code and print it along with your angler identification number on the Event ID Card

Competition Period
1. No fish caught before 12:00 a.m. CST March 15, 2021 is eligible for submission
2. Photo submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the quarter.
3. Fish must be caught, and photos uploaded during competition period.

Method of Fishing
1.  Method — fishing is permitted from bank, dock, pier, shore, or while wading, or from any floating platform or watercraft. No restrictions regarding propulsion, size, or configuration.
2. Tactics — Fish must be caught using rod and reel with artificial lures only. No trot-lines, branch lines, jug fishing, noodling, gill-netting, etc. Only one rod may be in use at a time.
3. Landing — Fish may be landed by lifting the line, by hand or using a landing net.
4. Cooperation — Each competitor must position himself, make the cast, move and retrieve the lure, set the hook, reel in the fish, and land it without assistance from another person.

Photo requirements
1.  Each photo must be of a fish on an approved measuring board:
i. Hawg Trough by Hagans [https://us.store.hafaspot.com/product/fishing-measuring-board-white/]
ii. Ketch Products Measuring Board [https://us.store.hafaspot.com/product/hafaspot-ketch-karbonate-board-32/]
2. Fish must lie centered on the measuring board with its mouth touching the “fence” (a.k.a. “bump”; upright end of the board), left eye upward and right eye against the measuring board.
3. Both ends of the bass must be visible in photos (not cropped off in photo or covered by fingers or hand)
4. No straps, clips or other restraining devices may be used to secure bass to measuring board.
5. Hook/lure may remain attached in photo but line must be relaxed and not used as a restraint.
6. Mouth must be closed; 1” penalty for open mouth position.
7. Length is determined by the longest point at which the tip of the tail touches the measuring board, or if the tip of the tail extends off the measuring board, the farthest point at which the tail touches the measuring board. If that point is between two quarter-inch marks, measurement is rounded down to the lower quarter inch.
8. The tail must be fully in contact with the measuring board. If any portion of the tail is lifted off the measuring board, the photo will be denied.
9. Photo must be taken with a smart phone that can be used to upload the digital photographs or videos through the Hafaspot app.
10. Event ID Card with the Angler’s identifier number AND unique Event ID Code must be in the photo, legible, and positioned above, below, or beside (not on) the bass. Photo will be denied if the identifier card is laying on the fish.

AOY Point Distribution:

  • The Maximum AOY Points awarded for the highest-ranking angler a quarter is 600.
  • Each angler down the ranks will be awarded a successively lower number of AOY Points. The “decrement” will be six (6) points per step in rank. For example, First place earns 600 points, second place 594, third 588, and so on down to 120 points, the minimum earned by “Active Participants.” (“Active” is defined as competitors who demonstrated by submission of a photo taken in the competition area, even if of an empty Measuring Board with Identifier.)

AOY Points Total is the sum of their points from all four quarters.  Ties will be broken by biggest fish.

Disputes & Prize Distribution:

  1. Tournament photos and submission details are visible on the Hafaspot Leader Board for public review.
    2.  A 24-hour Dispute Period commences at end-of-competition time. When all disputes submitted by Competitors have been resolved—no less than 24 hours later—prizes and AOY points will be finalized and posted on this page with an event recap on Facebook.
    3.  Each Competitor awarded cash prizes is required to provide KBF with a completed, signed, and dated IRS FORM W-9, even if no information has changed since one was submitted in previous years. Complete the form here: http://www.kayakbassfishing.com/w-9
    4. KBF uses information from the IRS Form W-9 to prepare IRS 1099 forms, a copy of which is sent to the IRS and another to the Competitor in January for income tax return preparation.
    5. After KBF has received the completed, signed and dated Form W-9, it will distribute cash prize via PayPal Funds Transfer to the email address provided by Competitor during event registration.
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2021 Seasonal Showdown presented by Hafaspot and KBF