KBF OPEN Sponsors

These American companies support KBF; please consider supporting them.

These are a few of the companies that contribute to our enjoyment of kayak fishing. All the companies listed below have contributed products and/or sponsorship money to make the KBF OPEN experience rewarding for all—some more than others, of course.

We hope you will consider supporting all these companies with your business. Pay special attention to the ones with the Manufacturer’s Money seal. Having products with you at the OPEN may pay off big time.

Wilderness Systems Icon

Wilderness Systems

Premium Fishing Kayaks

Gather top kayak anglers from across the country. Give them free rein to imagine ideal watercraft for every condition. Refine those ideas and turn them into workable designs. Produce them with the finest materials to exact specifications. The results: Wilderness Systems kayaks.

Bending Branches

Bending Branches

Angler-focused kayak paddles

Bending Branches was the first to specifically design and produce paddles for kayak anglers. They remain the most popular, top-selling kayak fishing paddle on the market today. Your BB paddle qualifies you for Manufacturers’ Money at the KBF Open 2015.

HOOK 1 - Kayak Fishing Gear



For over twelve years a paddlesports leader, HOOK 1 is your source for kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes, kayak paddles and gear as well as fishing rods, reels, tackle and equipment.

All Pro Rods

All Pro Rods

Sensitive Power

What could be sweeter than winning the Big Bass pot at the KBF Open? How about walking away with an extra $500 in Manufacturers’ Money because you have an All Pro rod in your kayak?



Bleeding Edge Kayak Fishing Gear
Burkeville, VA is Innovation Central for Kayak Anglers worldwide. The KBF OPEN Expo at the Jackson Quality Inn will showcase the latest and greatest gear.

CONSEAL - Stand Out Undetected

CONSEAL Outdoors

Add stealth and comfort to all canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards; sure footing surfaces on watercraft decks and swim platforms. Using CONSEAL products qualify you for Manufacturers’ Money bonus.

RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts

Made in the U.S.A, and backed by a lifetime warranty, RAM offers an extensive line of rod holders and mounting solutions for your next kayak fishing adventure. Select a complete mounting kit, or customize your selection with the tools and base that meet your needs.

The Fish Grip

Fish Grip

Secure, cam-lock, floating clamp with bungee ball-latch loop not only provides a safe, sure grip on toothy fish but is useful for clamping onto a cable or branch for boat positioning.

Doomsday Turtle

Doomsday Turtle

It’s a bad day to be a bass.

The world’s most popular soft plastic turtle lure will be introduced to KY Lake Bass at the 2015 KBF OPEN. A perfect slow-fall presentation for mid-March, pre-spawn bass.

Torqeedo electric propulsion for kayaks and other watercraft


Quiet, lightweight, powerful electric propulsion

Weighing in at just over 15 lbs including the battery and throttle, the Ultralight 403 doesn’t restrict performance when paddling but pushes when needed against the current and wind. Perfect for hands-free fishing and trolling, too.

Hookset Lures Manufacturers' Money

Hookset Lures

Affordable tour grade lures & tackle

Whether a weekend warrior or professional bass fishermen, if you love fishing and tour grade lures of exceptional quality  at affordable prices, you’ll appreciate HOOKET LURES.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear Company

The Great Outdoors Company

This industry leader in outdoor apparel and products loves the outdoors as much as we do. Columbia’s jackets, pants, fleece, boots, and shoes are all tested tough so you can enjoy the outdoors longer.

FiN Crazy

FiN Crazy

It’s the world WE live in.

You gotta be a bit crazy to go after trophy-size fish under all conditions in little plastic boats. These vinyl decals on your boat and vehicle warn other anglers that when it comes to kayak fishing, you’re FiN Crazy.


PowerTeam Lures

Serious Baits for Serious Fishermen; Deadly on Bass

Quality American-made soft plastic lures, innovative designs, proven performance, all served served with awesome customer service. Available at HOOK 1 and on the PowerTeam Lures Website.


Finally… simple wearable power

Mobile freedom and peace of mind. A pocket-sized external battery that stores enough energy to charge multiple times each day your mobile devices—smart phone, GoPro, or tablet.

Costa Sunglasses


Clearest polarized sunglasses on the planet

Cut sun’s glare, improve visibility, and protect your eyes on and off the water.