KBF Team Challenge Cup LogoKBF Members competing in the 2021 KBF National Championship have an opportunity to band together to win cash, and to promote the fishing and paddlesport companies they support or represent their kayak fishing club or circuit.

Four-person Challenge Cup Teams will form under the banner of a single TEAM name. Team Captain’s must sign up and create the team and invite other members to join the TEAM in Fishing Chaos on the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP event page (REGISTER TEAM HERE.) How to create a team in Fishing Chaos

The TEAM name and team members’ names will be listed on the TOP TEAM CHALLENGE CUP Leaderboard upon successful completion of registration and after all team members have registered accepted their invites.

Each Challenge Cup Team member will be encouraged to wear a tournament jersey that highlights their team and sponsor or supporting sponsors.

Each team members highest scoring Day 1 photo and highest-scoring Day 2 photo will contribute to the team’s total score. The winning team will be determined by the highest cumulative 2-day score, with ties broken by big fish (then second biggest, third, etc.)

TOP TEAM CHALLENGE CUP PAYOUT FORMAT UPDATE. The payout format has changed to 100% payout (minus associated admin fees) with the following breakdown. First place is 60%, Second Place will receive 30% and 3rd Place will take home 10%.

The winning team will be highlighted in 2021 KBF National Championship videos and on all KBF social media assets. The team’s photograph and sponsors’ logo(s) will be featured on the KBF Website’s Home Page. This feature will remain on the home page for the remainder of the calendar year. In addition, the entire winning team will be offered the opportunity to join Chad Hoover for an episode of Chad Hoover Fishing. The team will be responsible for all costs associated with travel to and from the shoot location, and KBF will cover all lodging on location.

The KBF TOP TEAM CHALLENGE CUP will be conducted at the 2021 KBF National Championship and in accordance with KBF Competition Rules Standards.

As KBFNC Competitors, each team member makes an individual bid for the KBF National Champion title. Each one is expected to compete with a high degree of autonomy. Communication between team members is permitted under Rule 6.C., as is sharing of tackle and gear and fishing in proximity of other anglers. The KBF Top Team Cup Challenge combines the individual performance of each member of a five-person team over two days, but it is not a typical group activity or team fishing tournament. Top Team Cup Challenge team members should engage in no more coordination or cooperation than is permitted and expected of any other KBFNC Competitor.

KBF Team Challenge Cup - Open for all 2021 KBFNC Competitors

Shreveport, LA October 13 - 14, 2021