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KBF Thanksgiving Challenge

Competition with anglers from other regions... on a level playing field

KBF Challenge Series

This KBF Challenge is an online bass tournament series awarding prizes, bragging rights, and eligibility for the next Kayak Bass Fishing NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Due to the number of participants, one angler will qualify for KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP spots.

Winning a “Qualifying Spot” means that the angler is now eligible to fish in the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It does not cover the $200 Entry Fee. However, if an angler places high enough in this Challenge to earn a qualifying spot and has previously qualified in another KBF-sanctioned online or live tournament , KBF will pay his KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Entry Fee.

Since there are over 30 competitors in this Challenge, the top adjusted score will also win a prize of $50 value.

KBF Thanksgiving Challenge

The KBF Thanksgiving Challenge is a one-month, online kayak fishing competition that runs from November 15 to December 14, 2015. As with other kBF Challenges, it uses the CATCH-PHOTO-RELEASE format and the TourneyX  tournament management system.

This Challenge was created because six KBF Regions lacked enough registrants to run November Regional Challenges. Anglers from those six regions who wished to compete were transferred into the KBF Thanksgiving Challenge. Those who preferred not to compete had their entry fees refunded.

In KBF Regional Challenges, states are grouped into Regional Challenges that pit kayak bass anglers against others in comparable climates and geographical areas. When regions are merged, as in the KBF Thanksgiving Challenge, we have an issue: bass caught in different regions can vary widely in average length. One might expect to catch bigger bass in Florida or California, for example, than in Ohio or New York. Therefore, in order to level the playing field, KBF has adopted a length factoring process based on the average lengths of bass submitted to TourneyX over a three-month period (Sept, Oct, Nov). Regional averages are then compared to California (or whichever state has the highest average bass length), and a scoring factor will be calculated by dividing the California average by each regional average.

KBF Thanksgiving Challenge Scoring Factor

Here’s how it works. On December 16, the day after the KBF Thanksgiving Challenge ends, each angler’s total score will be multiplied by his region’s scoring factor. The adjusted scores will determine the winner(s). Those adjusted scores will not show up on TourneyX, of course, but the rankings will be posted on this Web page, on the KBF Regional Challenge Facebook page.

For example, if B.M. Bass lives in Wisconsin (in the North Central-Great Lakes Region) and his actual score for this Challenge is 50 inches, that score will be multiplied by the scoring factor or 1.12 (or whatever it turns out to be after we roll in the November data). His adjusted score will be 50 x 1.12 = 56. By using this method of scoring, he is not at an inherent disadvantage when competing against anglers in other regions.

KBF is trying this method out on this Challenge, and we’ll see how it goes. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Drop by the KBF Regional Challenge Facebook page or the KBF Forum to get in on discussions about this tournament series.