The 2023 Kayak Bass Fishing Championship Events will be held October 19-21, 2023 and hosted by the city of Huntsville, AL. When anglers register, they will sign up for either the Realtree Fishing Trail Series Championship powered by Dakota Lithium, the Realtree Fishing Challenge Series Championship powered by Dakota Lithium, or both,  and if they are eligible………the KBF TENvitational.

Hold on. Didn’t Kayak Bass Fishing already host a TENvitational tournament in 2023? Yes, we did – Glenn Landstrom won it, in fact, on his way to crashing the KBF THE TEN. So then why two in one season? And why the new location?

As Chad Hoover explained in a recent live update, KBF has streamlined its tournament operations. As a result, a few things have changed. For example:

  • Beginning in 2024, the KBF National Championship returns to the spring of each season,
  • Additionally, the Realtree Fishing Trail and Challenge Series Championships powered by Dakota Lithium will remain in the fall, the season when they have been held since 2020.

It makes sense: kick off the year with nationals, conclude with the major series championships.

But what about KBF the TEN and the TENvitational? Why pair them with the Championships in the fall?

Jason Broach with his 2022 TENvitational trophy.

For one, it provides competitors who qualify for THE TEN with a chance to take care of business in one time, in one place, instead of spreading it out over two long trips. In that way, anglers save precious vacation time and money.

It also gives anglers who make the trip to Alabama a chance to learn water they could return to in the springtime.

Finally, it gives TENvitational qualified anglers additional motivation to attend. Imagine, for instance, an angler winning the Challenge Series Championship AND the TENvitational, then crashing KBF the TEN and winning it, too.

If that doesn’t get you driving to Huntsville, AL, to fish your second TENvitational of 2023, what will?

Who is eligible?

Eligibility for the TENvitational is determined by previous results. Anglers who have won or placed in the top 10% of any KBF tournament  (Open, pro Series, Trail or Challenge Series, as well as National Championships) are added on a list of perennial qualifiers. Additionally:

  • You are eligible if you qualified for KBF THE TEN,
  • You are eligible if you finished in the Top 100 at the 2023 KBF National Championship on Kentucky Lake.

For the 2023 TENvitational, there are currently three different lists of qualified anglers:

Click here for the list of eligible anglers who qualified in 2023.

Click here for the list of qualified anglers through 2021.

A list of anglers who qualified in 2022 is forthcoming (stay tuned for updates!)

What if I am not on the list?

If you are not on the list of eligible TENvitational competitors but you would like to be for 2024, you can begin your work in Polk County by fishing in the 2024 Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Events powered by Dakota Lithium.

Event History

The TENvitational was started in 2019 to provide competitors with a last chance to qualify for the KBF THE TEN. This is a list of the previous champions:

1st Place: Jeff Fader (2019, Bienville Plantation)
1st Place: Allen Sweat (2020, Kissimmee Chain)
1st Place: Joshua Sharp (2021, Kissimmee Chain)
1st Place: Jason Broach (2022, Kissimmee Chain)
1st Place: Glenn Landstrom (2023, Polk County Lakes)
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First Published  August , 2023. This article was entirely human-generated without the assistance of AI.

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