The Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series is powered by Dakota Lithium  and it will kick off at Lake Murray, S.C. on March 2-3, 2024. KBF anglers have favored Lake Murray for years because of its massive, healthy bass fishery and the giant limits it generates. With a slightly later date than in previous years, the 2024 season opener of the KBF TRAIL Series aims for the prime pre-spawn bite!

Jackson Kayak Fishing Team angler Ken Wood is from Massachusetts, and he is a regular for the Lake Murray event. He says:

“I always look forward to Lake Murray. This will be my fourth year in a row. Unfortunately I have never had much time to pre-fish, but I have found some consistently productive areas. And depending on the weather, that week difference between last year’s KBF event and this year’s could be huge……Warm weather and an extra week could change things big time.”

Paddle Only Rookie Trail

In addition to organizing the KBF Kick Off, Kayak Bass Fishing has added a bonus event for beginners to the sport.

Kayak Bass Fishing has added a $1000 prize package to this event, in the interest of developing a beginner-friendly element of the KBF TRAIL Series. In the words of Chad Hoover: “We are running it [the paddle only rookie event] for the first two trails of the season to evaluate the level of interest and participation. For that option, you may only use paddle powered kayaks and it is only open to rookies of the KBF TRAIL series.”

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With 50,000 surface acres of water and 650 miles of shoreline, Lake Murray offers a variety of habitats for black bass species. From its main river (the Saluda) to its many creeks, and from its docks to the Dreher Island State Recreation Area, Lake Murray attracts anglers from all over the region. Book your travel plans and get ready for the amazing pre-spawn bite at one of the Southeast’s premier big bass fisheries.


  • KBF weekends comprise two single day Trail tournaments, which includes the Dakota Lithium Big Bass event (which has both single day events and an overall prize that spans both days).
  • KBF competition employs a Catch-Photo-Release format. Eligible fish are submitted by competitors to the Fishing Chaos app for judging.
  • KBF Anglers earn points towards Rogue Gear Co KBF Angler of the Year and the KBF Rookie of the Year.
  • Qualifying opportunities include 2024 KBF Trail Series Championship and the 2024 TENvitational.
  • Qualifying opportunities for the 2025 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship


For questions regarding event specific details (i.e. eligible    water, schedule, etc..) email Sam Jones :

Additional Info

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In 2021 West Virginia’s Rick Garavaglia won a dramatic tie-breaker in the Saturday event on Lake Murray, while reigning 2021 Farwide KBF Angler of the Year Cody Milton won on Sunday.

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About the Anglers

Ken Wood is a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing team. Dakota Lithium Batteries, Yakrods, YakAttack and Rocky Ledge Tackle also sponsor him. Additionally, he is a tournament director for Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’, a KBF AmBASSador Series partner and Elite Kayak Fishing.

Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are Powered by Dakota Lithium Batteries

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