What is the Knuklhed Series?

The event portfolio that Kayak Bass Fishing has developed over more than one decade includes several unique formats. Most place individual anglers against one another, according to state (Challenge Series), or water body (River Series) or species (Smallmouth Series).

But what if you had a team series in which anglers competed to earn a spot on a team? And what if the team only appeared together once, in a championship round? And what if the teams were organized by social media influencers from the world of fishing?

Combine top fishing influencers with a win and you are in team format, and you have the Knuklhed Bass Fishing Series.

In the Knuklhed format, fishing media personalities serve as team captains. Over the course of four months, each captain hosts a leaderboard on Fishing Chaos. In each month, anglers competed on the unique leaderboards named after the captains. For example, the Flukemaster challenge repeated each month, and the top finisher for each month qualified for team Flukemaster.

It’s a unique format, designed to give everyone a last chance to qualify via the Fan Fish Off on Friday, November 10, and then the championship round on Saturday, November 11.

The Championship

The monthly Knuklhed challenges are complete, and a total of sixty-four anglers have earned their spots on fourteen teams. Now the teams of five anglers each will assemble and compete in Alabama on November 10 & 11, 2023, in Alabama, home of both Kayak Bass Fishing and Fishing Chaos.

The Fishing Chaos Fish Off decides the winning team and team captain. It involves a payout of $10,000 to the winning team (but not the captain) and bragging rights.

It also gives anglers across the country a chance to fish some bucket list lakes, the kind of bass fisheries that we all dream of fishing. One of those anglers is North Carolina’s Alex Sterling, who qualified for Team Gramps. He told KBF:

“Getting influencers in the original format, pus the reasonable entry fee, appealed to me. It felt like an inclusive, obtainable event. And that’s what happened for me…..It’s my first time at Guntersville. I marked seven ramps to check, and I’m over-the-moon excited for the event.”

Be sure to follow Alex and other KBF anglers as they compete in the unique KNUKLHED Championship event this week, on Fishing Chaos!

Additional Info

Alex Sterling is sponsored by Carolina Bass Co. and The Bass Juice.

To see the full team and event rosters, click here.

Additionally, you can find KBF (Knuklhed Bass Fishing) gear on the KBF Store page!

Check out Chad Hoover’s video for the Knuklhed event here.

The Knuklhed Fishing Chaos Fish Off is hosted by Go2Hunstville, AL, Ditto Landing and North Alabama on November 10, 2023.

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