New seasons bring new opportunity for most things in life. This season, KBF is making a major commitment to simplifying things for our members. Admittedly, we have made a habit of changing and dialing things in at a pace that could seem disorganized and chaotic. We are striving to get away from that and to be more purposeful in our changes (okay, my changes). The goal is to make adoption of any changes easy to understand for the end user – you, the angler.

A few changes we have already made include:

We have more on the way, too, including improved on site tournament experiences, increased qualifying opportunities, and new paths to the 2024 KBF National Championship hosted by Huntsville, Alabama!

Your support and understanding as we have gone through our growing pains means the world to us and you deserve the best we can give in return. We will not settle until we have achieved a level of customer service that is unmatched in any industry.

Life has thrown us all a few curve balls and we have all faced obstacles over the course of the last two years. We are no exception here at KBF and thanks to our amazing community we will emerge stronger and better than ever.

As we move into the future of this evolution of our sport, I remain committed to being a positive influence, resourceful leader and committed advocate. I work for you. I commit to you that we will avoid controversy and negativity, push the envelope to keep creating new opportunities and support those that are helping create positive change and growth in our industry.

As we move forward as an organization, I would like to renew our focus on helping anglers that are new to the sport, those that need assistance with the little things or those that are looking to grow their own understanding of the best ways to do things. I am challenging those of you that have knowledge and experience to share it and those of you that need it to be willing to ask. At some level, we all have something to share and something to learn if we hope to continue to improve as anglers and ambassadors for our sport.

Be on the lookout for some amazing announcements for the 2023 KBF Season. From the kickoff in Polk County, Florida to the awesome TRAIL Series Schedule to its most lucrative finale ever in Clay County, Florida it is truly shaping up to being an exciting season filled with opportunities!

Thank you,

Chad Hoover

First Published  January 7, 2023

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